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Indigenous Wisdom (Part 2) ~ The Art of Listening

Posted on: November 2, 2012

~ with Black Elk, Mahinda and Wykony

The distinction between human beings who become designated as prophets, seers and intermediaries to the world of Spirit and those who follow such Way Showers is merely in the quality and commitment to listening. Beyond the world of the five senses, beyond what is recognized commonly as so, the visionary notices, recognizes and acts upon signals from everything around them. Inviting and listening to what presents itself in their life, the sage divines signs, gestures and blessings as they are whispered from life itself. The weather, the bounty, animal signals, clouds, wind, trees, and Spirit unseen all provide rich influence and direction for those who see. Why is this? It is because the wise are listening. They trust that much lies beyond what can been seen or heard. Their feeling and visceral recognition provide a gateway. This gateway is available to those who are listening and honoring their direct experience, “proof” or none.


Stay Tuned for tomorrow’s post, Part 3, “Honoring Experience”

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