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I, the Sovereign Self ~ Getting Free from Your Conditioning (Conclusion)

Posted on: November 21, 2012

~ with Sarah McCroskey

Awakened people cannot be controlled. They create alternatives, generate communities, are sovereign, and act from love. Children must be taught to fear. It is not the natural state. Love is what’s there when the fear drops away. Again, it’s universal (yes, even Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld).

So what is it we fear? We fear what we might lose – safety, acceptance, status, love. But, if we can be manipulated by our fear of losing it, was it ever really ours? Essentially these elements cannot be derived externally.

Only when we no longer identify with the ‘little i”, those things that describe us, like our opinions, profession, skin color, religion, can we become free of our personally designed and maintained trap.

What is then revealed is the Big I. I as observer. The Being inhabiting your body, your essential Self. Only when the small self is seen and dropped is the true Self known. Home free, Source/Self, Love embodied.

Make no mistake, waking up is a discipline. Like it or not, we each enact the dance of shadow and light. Even the most fear-based, acting out, meglomaniacal among us is moving toward the consciousness of Love. And it can take lifetimes. Separation from Source creates ugly consequences and enormous opportunities for growth. Even the villains of this world are here intentionally and given the choice to reconnect. We cannot possibly know the bigger picture.

Whether we renounce, fear or align with those who seemingly monopolize the world agenda, we are still allowing them to pull our strings. It is our world. Our conditioning is ours to heal. Own it, heal it, bless its instruction – our world is transformed when we own, honor and mend the fear within.

For we are all moving forward, asleep (through suffering) or awake (through love). As a wise Hawaiian Huna teaching states, “You can get whatever you want to the extent you are willing to pay – in attention or in pain.”

The real opportunity is to wake up to Oneself and see the gentle harmony, both light and dark, creative and destructive, yin and yang of All That Is – in the form of planetary change, inter- and intra-cultural blessings and woes, and most importantly, the harmony within ourselves.


HumanSpirit Radio Network has a mission to uplift and inspire with inspirational writings and free broadcasts. Our next show is this Friday, November 23 at 2 PM Pacific. Amanda Elo’esh ~ “Emerging into Divine Feminine Empowerment — Archetypes of Renewal for Women and Curious Men.” Check it out.


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