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The Physical Nature of the Unconscious

Posted on: November 23, 2012

~ with Sarah McCroskey

Energetically, all things dynamically interface and intertwine to compose the world in which we live. Your body, your emotions, your spiritual inclinations are all subsets of the energy of all things.

Addressing physical, emotional and even spiritual dilemmas through energetic means – the very essence of their nature – can provide a key to resolution well beyond our conceptual reality and the parameters of a mechanical model of existence. For what occurs in the human process, within the body’s biochemistry and physiology and into the realms of thought, feeling, intuition, belief and interpretation, is indeed an interwoven, sophisticated but often unconscious energetic affair.

The clues to the source of physical and emotional symptoms are often in the discomfort itself. Are sensations of discomfort in a particular part of the body? Are these symptoms joined with certain emotional experiences and compulsive or generalized thought processes? These are all indicators pointing to a source.

Unfortunately, although we may be able to describe in detail the physical symptoms, thoughts and feelings and may even have a strong intuitive sense that these ailments may be a product of a historic trauma in our lives, the knowing of this does not always provide access to healing. Why is this?

One of the most fundamental protective mechanisms a human being possesses is the ability to drive a traumatic experience from its consciousness. Thankfully this is so, as it protects countless people from indescribable experiences of trauma, abuse, grief, shock and abandonment stemming from events in their lives.

The concept of the unconscious, attributed to Sigmund Freud, is commonly understood to be a psychological process existing in the brain or mind only. But, in fact, the body plays an enormous role and is key in the process of healing trauma and illness.


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