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The Physical Nature of the Unconscious, Part 2

Posted on: November 24, 2012

Have you ever noticed that when you experience something fully it goes away? This explains why people are not burdened with their positive experiences – they are experienced and one moves on. So what does that mean? It means that the experiences you are willing to have move right on through. The unconscious is composed of the events that were painful, traumatic, overwhelming or otherwise “not advised” as an experience. These incidents and all their contents cannot disappear, for they were not experienced. Instead they get caught in the body’s energy systems.

These experiences, energetically remembered by the body, are held as energy blockages, which the body must work around. Unfortunately, a work-around for the body can result in some less than optimal functioning, for instance, biochemical error, allergy, blockage of enzymatic processes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Then there is the lack of oxygen, blood flow and nutrition that often results from such energy blockages. That’s the physical level.

The emotional content of an unconscious experience also lives and is often re-triggered by our current environment – this is the source of repetitive patterns.

The human body provides access to all aspects of the human instrument: the body, mind and spirit. As the ancient Chinese discovered, the energies of all experience and function flow through the meridians and chakras of the body. These energy circuits harbor the unconscious emotions and cellular memory.

Just as unconscious experience and energies are accumulated over a lifetime and held in the body’s circuitry, so can they be released through the vehicle of the body, comfortably and permanently.

History is not a life sentence. What it provides, in fact, is a compelling draw toward consciousness, release and living in the present.


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