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The Healing Power of Zero Point Energy, Part 2

Posted on: November 27, 2012

~ by Sarah McCroskey

continued from yesterday’s post — The Healing Power of Zero Point Energy

When we truly get the interwoven nature of ALL reality, we as beings, become conscious members of this Unified Field. False notions of the separate self, some free-standing “outside reality,” species or cultural separation begin to crumble. You against me, not enough, non-belonging, even the fear of death loses its edge – for as energy and intelligence – even we, as our soul-sparks of Creator consciousness are eternal “cannot be created or destroyed.”
When our collective quotient of responsibility reaches critical mass based on the principles of love, honoring and integrity regarding all of life – from Earth to self to family to community to global relations and beyond – only then will we become eligible to hold the key to zero point energy. The technologies and political resolve will (as always) flow from our consciousness and well-meaning intent.

We can continue to chase paychecks to pay others for access to power that is derived from processes that imperil our planet, through pollution, war and irreverence. We can stay invested in being right, looking good, and the personal politics of blame and defense. Or we can choose to raise our vibration and consciousness to match an already working Universal design.

We are crossing the threshold. Fear, scarcity and impossibility no longer become us.


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1 Response to "The Healing Power of Zero Point Energy, Part 2"

What a great series, Sarah. I hope it comes together as a book some day. Lots of love, Allan

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