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Balancing Structure, Structuring Balance, Part 2

Posted on: December 1, 2012

(continued from yesterday) ~ by Sarah McCroskey

All structure is created. In actuality everything is energy. Even solid mass is known by scientists and physicists alike to be 99.999% space. The power of OUR AGREEMENT CREATES the structure of our ‘reality’.

That which is predicated on lies – that we’re flawed, that there isn’t enough, that some must starve so others may flourish, that peace is achieved through war, that you and I are separate – that which is founded on lies is faltering and will dissolve. That is, unless we keep “agreeing” that it’s real, has merit, must survive or else!

The piece that is being revealed through all this seeming loss is the Infinite Identity, the identity our soul and balanced body know as true. Personally, collectively, consciously and worldwide – we are being asked to go INSIDE,

We are being cosmically freed to come home to our true Selves and to structure our ‘reality by consensus’ from there.

Multi-talented, unique – listening and truly seeing ourSelf in one another – our New Earth journey is in full swing.

Are you ready to let go of drama? Of control? Of being right? Of suffering? By choice and in faith we each sense the passageway to pure potential. Re-connecting with Earth and Heart in any way is the way.

Once connected to soul, planet, essence and love you radiate this possibility. You make new choices – ones that generate a new context for all agreements. From this place, take a look around. You will soon notice: the world is following suit.


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