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The Wisdom of Bee-ing

Posted on: December 3, 2012

~ by Sarah McCroskey

Nature provides a mirror-like reflection of our own true nature as expressed in the dance of the flower and the bee.

Pure being, like the flower, is revealed when you gently peel back the petals, the artifacts of gestation and protection. Once opened fully, what becomes accessible is the very center of the blossom. Within this center lies the nectar, the very essence and life blood of the plant being as it offers itself to the world in it’s pure form and splendor – the height of its life cycle.

And what ephemeral creature collects the nectar from the blossom, immersing its entire body in the pollens – the juicy concentrate of this gorgeous organ’s reproduction? It is the bee. Tasting the nectar, rolling in pure powdered love, dancing in sunlight and joining with the intention and purpose of the plant and Creation itself, it is the bee’s delight to fulfill reproduction and initiate the next cycle. Through right timing, right action, following an agenda beyond its own, the bee moves the process of evolution forward. Amply compensated for its joyful effort, the bee is nourished by the nectar which feeds its community and provides for its young.

Through the bee’s ecstatic experience and self-expression, it transforms nectar into honey – an alchemical wonder and gift to other species of being.

This, yet another example of harmony and abundance, provided in Nature by our Earth Mother: to truly fulfill one’s unique and wondrous destiny, you need only to follow what compels, attracts and excites you, take flight without limitation, experience living fully (for the concept will never do), saturate every cell with what honors and serves the body, and Be.

Our highest guidance is simply and elegantly displayed in witnessing the living path of the bee. Drop all the complexity, pretending to control an already perfect design. Relax, breathe, attune to your innate guidance, live joyfully and Be. Repeat for eternity.


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