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Beyond “Either/Or” ~ Finding Our Place Within the Infinite

Posted on: December 6, 2012

~ by Sarah McCroskey

Polarity is the sea we swim in.  Our reality to date has been defined by contrast, comparison and dualism.  If we bother to notice how we think and what we say, it quickly becomes apparent that “either/or” is our paradigm of perception.  This is how separation and fear generate the foundation of our agreed upon reality.

When opposition (either/or) is a defining construct of how we view our lives, witness our world and talk to ourselves (inside our minds) we are at odds with the flow of life.  In nature, no such separation or inherent opposition exists.  Yes, there are distinct species and there are strategies developed quite ingeniously for acquiring adequate water, food and sunshine.  We humans define this as competition, but again, that’s because we can’t help but project opposition and either/or on everything around us.  It’s our fundamental precept.

Choices and options, even when defined as polarities, actually exist within a greater whole.  The background of all existence is, in fact, a shared background.  The Quantum Field, the Zero Point Field, Source Energy, the Infinite – by whatever term you prefer, science and physics reveal, through observation, experiment and mathematical calculation, that our reality – of form, of mass, of atoms and molecules belongs to and is a product of distinction within a vast, even unlimited field of pure possibility.  Polarities are generated as electron and positron particles when black holes ingest and emit light in an endless process of creation and destruction (or neutralizing then re-creation).  This process of black hole ingestion and emission happens on EVERY scale – from subatomic to biologic to terrestrial to galactic.  And it is all held within a common, shared Field of Infinite source energy and awareness – all inclusive.


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