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Beyond “Either/Or” ~ Finding Our Place Within the Infinite, Part 2

Posted on: December 7, 2012

Everything (which includes human beings, despite our protests) is animated by a shared natural force.  We hold the same common denominator.  Everything is energy.

So we can always find the shared backdrop, the commonality, the “both/and” beyond every “either/or”.  It already exists.  So why don’t we live there?

We needn’t worry about collapsing into some amorphous homogeneity.  When we find a genuine, shared ground of being we won’t fall off into some realm of Oneness where we lack definition, uniqueness or boundaries.  But perhaps our “individualism” won’t need to be quite so “rugged.” 

Perhaps it is merely our training – in thought and mind – that has inculcated us with the us/them, I/me/mine – ownership, lack and defensive posturing.  When we drop the conditioned concepts of someone being right (usually me) and someone being wrong (usually you) we begin to disengage from the false paradigm of “either/or.”  

The Shift in the Ages is, in fact, precisely about this collapse of the experiment of separation and the fear we’ve experienced based on this impossibility!

What if I included you?  In truth I DOES include you.  But what if we lived that way?

Well then love rather than fear would be the coin of the realm.  “Both/and” would be the background consideration.  A solution that fits all truths, can join all perspectives, can honor all cultures and celebrate each and every kind of diversity would become noticeable, apparent, OBVIOUS.


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