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Beyond “Either/Or” ~ Finding Our Place Within the Infinite, Part 3 (conclusion)

Posted on: December 10, 2012

As a healer for many years, I have come to see that physical and emotional symptoms of dis-ease, disability and disillusionment stem from strictly defined polarities held in the body/mind/Spirit system.  When __ is right and ___ is wrong and we then forget that WE programmed ourselves, our physical and mental responses, according to these ingested rules and interpretations – our loyal bodies must opt for rigidity over flow, must select holding onto over letting go – they become polarized rather than balanced.


And what is balance but the dynamic flow between polarities – founded in a vitality that considers the big picture, the larger reality, the inclusive realm of the Whole.  Within the body, health is generated through feedback. Dynamic balance, aka homeostasis, is  maintained among physiological, biochemical and energetic processes – billions per second!  Homeostasis literally means, “Stable equilibrium between interdependent elements.” 

We are each living within a body that knows this truth – health and wellbeing reside beyond polarity.  Infinite, intricate, intimate feedback and interdependence is what  benefits the Whole.

Similarly within Western culture and community, our certainty and fast adherence to “either/or” continues to generate every kind of political, economic and social dis-ease.  We are pitted against one another by our own unexamined thinking.  We live in anxiety and fear that is driven by our own constructs of false separateness.  We suffer at our own hand.

And, of course, there are those who will happily manipulate this mass unconsciousness.  Ironically, “they” often suffer from this form of dementia even more than “we” do.

And oh the cost.  You v. me, us v. them, my culture v. your culture, the Muslims v. the Christians v. the Jews v. the Hindus v. the Buddhists.  In “either/or” you’ve GOT to be on one side OR the other.  Polarity only has two sides.

And men v. women – let’s not forget this biologically, clear-cut polarity.  But is it?  We each hold both the receptive and active element of Creation.  Perhaps we’ve merely been gifted by the Infinite with a riddle that we had to solve, a split we had to bridge, a truth we had to awaken to – beyond the polarity of male/ female in order that our species might continue to walk this sacred planet.  


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