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Awaiting Grace ~ Tag! You’re It! Part 3

Posted on: December 13, 2012

~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)

Be truthful; in the most sacred inner recesses of your being, do you really care what someone else thinks about you?  Since you’re eternal, is death even all that frightening?  What keeps you from living with your heart in the lead?  Are you really afraid of your feelings or are they simply showing you what’s true for you?  Is the presumed safety of not investing too much, for fear of disappointment, worth forfeiting a vision of a world that works for everyone?

Did we internalize reflexive conditioning to “play by the rules” because those rules (competition, doing to distraction, obedience, one up or one down) really work for us? Or did we just buy the program; download the software because everyone we knew, watched and revered had done it?

We each hold the key to our shackles.  When I own and lovingly dismantle my personally adopted/constructed holding pen and become increasingly free I no longer need to be afraid to be seen, to stand out, to be me.  I don’t need to fear the judgment or disagreement of the other prisoners….no matter how “high up” the chain(gang) they may go.

Instead, you and I can extend a hand…a heart…to one another.  We can get about encouraging the freedom of each and every being.  A freedom which can only be derived from the inside – through awareness, self-love, personal ownership and conscious creation.

This is a gift to heal the world.  For when we own it and heal it on the inside – we transform our experience of it on the outside.  No longer “going along”, accommodating or playing forward fear, separation and scarcity as “the way it is.”   When we stop being mean to ourselves, we stop accepting cruelty to others.

Courage, harmony and humor are standard equipment for each and every human being; getting real is a matter of choice.

Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.


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