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Expectation and Disappointment ~ Ending the Cycle of Dependency

Posted on: December 24, 2012

~ by Sarah McCroskey

Have you ever felt disappointed by your partner, business associate, boss or even your child?  Such an experience of deflation, maybe powerlessness or simply sadness is attached to disappointment.

But if you look at the word itself, dis-appoint-ment it really isn’t something that “happens to us.” You can’t experience DIS-appointment if you didn’t APPOINT a power, hope or expectation to something or someone outside of yourself in the first place.  “Ah, me…I gave my power away and someone actually took off with it.  How could they!”

Perhaps the real question is “Could they?”

Our enculturation, training and social conditioning assures us – YES!  “They” could take our power, our self esteem, even our Spirit away from us.  But is it true?


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1 Response to "Expectation and Disappointment ~ Ending the Cycle of Dependency"

People can only take your power away if you give it to them. Something that I used to do all the time but have since learned to control — most of the time anyway.

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