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Expectation and Disappointment ~ Ending the Cycle of Dependency Part 2

Posted on: December 26, 2012

~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from Dec. 24)

It is hard to refute that we live in a world where we have been prepped, shredded and spindled into OBEYING OUTSIDE AUTHORITY.  We can rehash the injustice of it, assign appropriate blame and know we are right and “they” are wrong.  But does it feel better?  Once the crooks are identified do I have my power back?  If it were only that simple, any thinking person would have fully recovered their voice and power by now.

Then why haven’t we?

We have accurately defined the problem – both personally and globally.  Through a repeating fractal pattern ranging literally from the molecular to the familial to the social to the global collective to the Earth habitat – we ARE ENTRAINED to depend on an outside structure that is out of alignment with Nature, health and flourishment.

Shall I get specific? 

  • If we consume a “standard” diet, use conventional household products, garden using the relied upon methods, drink from municipal water sources, manage our health with prescription drugs and then wash it all down with a few beers and the evening news the cells of our bodies are inundated with toxic substances night and day.  Through our food supply, water supply, healthcare, entertainment and news sources we are molecularly, physically and psychologically contaminated.
  • If we were raised in a “standard” family where questioning authority, speaking freely and (heaven forbid) feeling your feelings were disallowed or maligned as weak, rebellious or disloyal we soon learned to keep quiet, obey the rules, not “talk back” and develop strategies for hiding our true self.  After years of practice, our own judging/victimizing mind takes over and we internalize these messages.
  • If we were trained within the “standard” schools and religious organizations the directive to “fit in” for fear of being graded, punished, humiliated or outcast hammered home the expedient social messaging – become a cog in an already defined system: school, work, church and state – or else.

Feeling alone, separate and pissed off yet?  Wait, there’s more… 

  • Now once you reach adulthood and begin to look around at your world you may already be in debt to a world economy that says you must work outside your home for the major portion of your day, for the major portion of your week, for the major portion of you life – whether this suits you, your interests, your self expression or your loved ones.  If you’re lucky you’ll be able to “make a living.”  Retirement?  Probably not.
  • And isn’t “the world” an inspiring place to dwell?   Entrained to unconsciously accept world hunger, war, social injustice, inequity, pollution, crooked politics, scarcity, fear and stress – is it any wonder why people eat, drink, gamble and engage in every other kind of escapist behavior?  Or just get depressed.
  • And then the topper.  The planetary level of our fractal pattern of entrainment – we’re blowing through our resources and demolishing our own habitat through pollution, out-of-control growth and disregard for our Earth.

Poor us.  “They’ve” really done it to us, haven’t “they”.  This is the true nature of the “99%”.  It is FAR beyond mere economics…can you see that?

“But we EXPECTED them to take care of us.” 

“But they TOLD me that if I got good grades I’d succeed.”


Isn’t the bottom line, “I thought that if I gave ‘them’ my power and organized my entire existence around pleasing an OUTSIDE AUTHORITY that I’d be safe, happy, and well-liked.”   I’d be small and self-doubting, but at least they wouldn’t kill me.


So here we are.  We appointed an outside source to generate the quality of our life.  Granted, it looks like a wide-spread conspiracy to usurp our inner authority but it always takes two to tango.

This has been the game.  Our parents bought it, our teachers bought it, our employers bought it, our politicians bought it and our greedy corporate executives bought it – the monarchs and dictators and arms dealers and oligarchs bought it.  We ALL bought it.

There is nothing in the OUTSIDE world that can or will change the game.  The ONLY thing that changes the game is you and I taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for how WE EACH BOUGHT IT.  And then stop buying it.


Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

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