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Expectation and Disappointment ~ Ending the Cycle of Dependency Part 3

Posted on: December 27, 2012

~ by Sarah McCroskey (continued from yesterday)


So here we are.  We appointed an outside source to generate the quality of our life.  Granted, it looks like a wide-spread conspiracy to usurp our inner authority but it always takes two to tango.

This has been the game.  Our parents bought it, our teachers bought it, our employers bought it, our politicians bought it and our greedy corporate executives bought it – the monarchs and dictators and arms dealers and oligarchs bought it.  We ALL bought it.

There is nothing in the OUTSIDE world that can or will change the game.  The ONLY thing that changes the game is you and I taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for how WE EACH BOUGHT IT.  And then stop buying it.


When I listen to the news (or not) and question the source of information, I get a little freer. When I notice that Europe, Japan and other countries don’t accept Genetically Modified Foods into their food supply or fluoride into their water supply and ask how that happened and act, I get a little more free.

When I allow myself to unravel the MESSAGES I ADOPTED AND NOW TELL MYSELF about job options, the “inevitability” of hunger and slave labor and scarcity and war…and STOP BUYING HOW MY OWN MIND CREATES FEAR AND LIMITATION………now my liberation becomes truly palpable.

And when I see you as whole and capable, and reach out to connect with Like-Minded Ones, with Nature, with Earth’s intelligence I begin to see there’s a fractal pattern here as well.

I start to notice there is an UNSEEN world filled with grace and guidance that whispers and breaths possibility, interconnection, love and true soul nourishment into mySelf and this world. Then, and only then do I get a glimpse of the true freedom inherent in an ALREADY WORKING UNIVERSE.  This is a Universe that I am already connected to, and always have been – on the inside.  And a Source of beauty, truth, and unconditional love that is my true Self – interconnected, flourishing and timeless.  It is All of our true selves.

And I didn’t have to BUY anything.

Expectation = Disappointment

Dependence =  No Choice

Interdependence, Inner dependence = Joy in Belonging…already…nothing to do…to an

Already Working Universe.

New Game, All inclusive…

Wholeness Back Guarantee.


Copyright © 2012 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

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