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Honoring the Ego in the Great Cycle of Healing

Posted on: January 4, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

We now have the opportunity to experience all manner of existence.  How?  By remembering that we are real in the eternal scheme of things.  We exist to experience.  When we enter these realms we come seeking experience, bringing with us our divinity.  Then we forget.  We don’t forget that we seek experience; we forget that we are connected to the Wholeness.  We accept the conditioning of separateness that surrounds our lives.

Many seek to outgrow or transform the ego – the literal manifestation of the idea of a self, separate from all else.  Ancient, spiritual traditions suggest openness and receptivity, being present, interconnection and communion as gateways to the release of the separate, local, persona or ego-self.  Why?  Because to openly receive is to reconnect to the grander, quantum-level Self – the field of all possibility, with nothing left out.

The Earth path is our crucible.  Having forgotten our connection to All, our separate self sees death not eternity; it fears being cast out when such a thing does not exist.  Ego is forged from misunderstanding and compelled to survive. 

Steeped in the construct of separateness since birth, it takes but one profound first experience.  Everyone’s got one of these events, generally at pre-school age.  It’s when your wide-eyed innocence came to an abrupt halt out of something you experienced – you suddenly felt unsafe or no longer loved for who you are.  That’s when the game of survival began in earnest.  Reinforced a few times, you decided you had to put on a persona to protect yourself and fit in. 

You see, the poor, maligned ego is a vital aspect of our “reality” on Earth.  If you are alone and disconnected, you must assign an aspect of yourself to defend you from “outside” threat, be it real or perceived – at any cost.  Forgetting our eternal, holographic self is prerequisite to this game.

The ego, our manifest mask of separation, must be created to exist in this world of density, duality and limitedness.  This world is pressing.  It engages us in a constant act of flight from harm.  Why?  Because we have forgotten Who We Are.   In the afterlife, “post game wrap up” we always find ourselves safely back in Spirit, the quantum field of All/Love.  But the path of the enlightened one is to achieve this Truth prior to our departure – from eternity and Oneness to separation and survival and back again. 

When we remember Who We Are, the ego is soothed and quieted.  It can finally stand down.   We are free, here and now.  When we remember Who We Are, we hold a fine, clear, center no matter what is piped in from the “real world”.  When we remember Who We Are, we access answers and solutions from the non-local mind.  When we remember Who We Are, we witness the pleasure, joy and ease of a non-personal, overview – where threats to survival are a backdrop illusion, mere tactics in a compelling game of Risk, which we have jointly constructed, through act or agreement, to learn from our time on this planet. 

When we remember and live true to Who We Are, we move, full circle, through this humanity and create along with our true nature, as Creator, a new game.  It’s called Heaven on Earth.   

Game on!


Copyright © 2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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