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Being With Earth

Posted on: January 7, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

I’ve probably spent 80% of the last two weeks in my nightgown.  Personally, I’ve been overeating, over sleeping, over indulging in reverie, eggnog, old movies, cooking shows, good wine and good reading with an occasional trip to the store, meal out or walk in nature.  For shame on me…right? 

My mind says, “Okay! It’s the first of the year, isn’t enough, enough?”  Every media outlet implores me to “get back on track”, “join Weight Watchers”, buy a new, fast way to shed inches and pounds, or hit this year’s higher bar.  I “should” want to pay the piper for my sins of sloth and holiday indulgence, “shouldn’t I”. 

But…deep inside…I don’t want to.

So, still in my jammies, cuddling with my cat, in bed at 2:11 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon – WELL after New Year’s – I look out my bedroom door to the natural world.

It’s really quite still.

The last of the fall leaves, with the wind’s periodic nudging, spiral slowly to the ground.  The rainfall comes and goes, as it pleases.  The sun lazily creeps through the clouds, casting a not-trying-to-hard shadow…whenever, the birds show up for some free birdseed with a sort of “might as well, it’s free….” attitude.  The local squirrels haven’t bothered to gather the two walnuts I tossed out to them yesterday!  What’s up?

Unless I’m simply projecting, it seems that much of the natural world is deep inside itself…”not wanting to,” either.  Not in resistance to anything, more like a gentle, “Ah, maybe later.”

In the northern hemisphere our Earth is deep in her slumber.  Not in-active but inner-active.  It doesn’t look like much on the surface but each Earth element, Earth kingdom and creature – in quiet concert – is deep within, being dreamed and dreaming until…well…later. 

At some point, an inner call to action is sure to arise.

Should I be any different? Despite my conditioned, post modern, worldly heritage of doing and striving, of becoming in the name of approval and belonging, and/or bartering a paycheck for someone else’s profitable quarter – something deep within me is winning out.  “Harmonize” it says, “Stand down, would you please?” 

In my heart, my soul, I’m finally complete with the need to prove, “What I’ve got to show for myself.” 

At long last, I’m choosing to hang with Earth – her rhythms, her cycles.  She – the Great Wayshower of our time. 

So, in northern California this time of year, I choose to surrender into séance – a sacred slumber party with all of nature.  In holy reverie, I tune to the subtle dreamweave of the Earth in winter cycle. 

In one of my rare recent outings, as I walked among the leaves, rock, redwoods and wet surroundings of a nearby park, the words arose within me (perhaps a mere stand-in for all of humanity)… “I am with the Earth.”

As I step out of my conditioned response to a new year, I step in rhythm with my true nature and my sleepy surroundings. 

Just then my cat turns over for a better angle on an approaching scratch.  She sighs, relieved and knowing that I’m finally getting it.


Copyright © 2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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1 Response to "Being With Earth"

Being from north, yet spending these past few winters in the tropics, I can say that the part that remains the same in my Winter behavior is mostly wanting to explore and reflect from deep inside myself as we approach Solstice and then I want to empty out my heart, soul and mind after that -well into January and February. I no longer need to comfort myself with food from the cold harsh weather and from the emotional “holiday” indulgences and I instead, as you say- ” choose to hang with Earth – her rhythms, her cycles.” That is really the wonderful bottom line.

I love what you said – “So, in northern California this time of year, I choose to surrender into séance – a sacred slumber party with all of nature. In holy reverie, I tune to the subtle dreamweave of the Earth in winter cycle.” Beautifully said, thank you!

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