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Knowing vs. The Need to Know

Posted on: January 9, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

Your brain is an organ that tracks and stores data.  It’s a high speed computer like no other.

Your local mind takes all new experience and at lightning speed compares and contrasts its records of all previous experience.

So far, so good, after all, it is useful to remember that a skillet handle can be hot, that a floor can be slippery when wet and that getting hit by a bus can be detrimental to your health.  Warning signs are the mind’s stock and trade.

But when we give our power over to the Mind, when we identify with its constant yip, yip, yip, we lose our perspective and quietly, sleepily become entrained to a collective reality – a reality based in duality, fear and separation.

The Mind urges us to be careful, be wary, anticipate problems and mis-steps.  The Mind’s domain is in-the-box.  What has gone before, watchful of patterns that may spell danger.  Compare and contrast.  The Mind is compelled to figure it out.

So that voice, that chatters away in our head, is urging us to “get out ahead of it”, “don’t be caught off-guard”, “do it right”, “hold it together” and for God’s sake, “be in control!”.

“I need to know!”  Like the old Tom Petty song, the Mind jumps up and down, when something new opens, it want to clamp down, put it in a box and KNOW, damnmit.  Analyze, compare and contrast and categorize all experience.  This is the edict of the Mind.

Needing to know drives our brand new, moment-by-moment experience back into the same old groove, which is a loop of the past – especially the unresolved experiences from the past.  Needing to know also hooks us into the agreements we adopted from the collective…”It’ll never work out”, “there’s not enough”, “the sky is falling”.

Now Knowing is something else entirely.  Knowing is being attuned to your inner voice – the quieter voice.  It whispers, “breathe”, “connect with Nature”, “you are loved”.  Knowing has a timeless quality to it.  This is where your inner guidance lives.  Intuitive direction, synchronicity, living Divinity – this is where the truth of your experience – RIGHT NOW lives.  “I just KNOW” and indeed you do.

The Mind can’t get this though, and wants to pull you into justifying, proving, defending, comparing or doubting.

So be it.  Thank the Mind and bless its desire to control.  It thinks it’s keeping you safe and that’s nice. 

But it’s not you.  It’s merely a tool.  Like a saw.  You wouldn’t expect to use a saw to see the stars…  Respect it and honor its limited scope.  But don’t believe that voice is You.

So when you slip into comparing yourself to others, trying to drive outcomes and needing to know… 

Remember, get quiet, LISTEN and open to your Vast Self, your interconnection to the All.  Let your Mind rest on your breath.

See?  You already KNOW.


Copyright © 2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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