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Healing our Hearts to Love Another Day

Posted on: January 10, 2013

~ by Jessica McKay

There are love stories,

and there is obliteration into love.

You’ve been walking

the ocean’s edge, holding

up your robes to keep them dry.

You must dive naked under,

and deeper under,

a thousand times deeper!


Love flows down.

The ground submits

to the sky,

and suffers what comes.


Tell me, is the earth worse

for giving in like that?


Don’t put blankets over the drum!

Open completely.


Let your spirit ear listen

to the green dome’s

passionate murmur.

–   Rumi

It’s amazing how often I’m tempted to hold back from life, from sharing love and being close to others, all because of the fear that I might suffer some unforeseen consequence and be hurt later. Can you relate? Past memories of rejection have shaped the fears that make it easy to hide from a lover’s gaze, and old hurts define how we relate to the world.

The Rumi poem above talks about diving into the Ocean of Life, which has inside of it every joy, sorrow, happiness, fear, anger, pain and ecstasy. If we attempt to push away the uncomfortable feelings to protect ourselves from pain, we lose the ability to fully experience the joy and peace that also resides in the ocean of life. When we push feelings away, it is easy to become numb and disconnected from the life and people around us. A sweet friend and mentor recently said to me, “Everything is You, and you don’t need protection from yourself.”

If we are willing to sit with a broken heart, or any “negative” emotion, and just let it have us, something miraculous happens. When we give ourselves permission to feel pain, shed tears, or simply be afraid, perhaps because someone dies or leaves us alone, the grief moving through us becomes a healing force. How often were we told as children not to cry? All that unexpressed sorrow and pain solidified around our hearts, and instead of our wounds healing, they grew deeper. And the more we were hurting, the more we tried to push away things that could potentially hurt us — other people, intimacy, our true desires and feelings.

The sorrows of life’s accumulated disappointments are always trying to come out from where they’ve been stored in order to free us from the pain of the past, so that we can be present here and now. So we can be free to love and be loved! Imagine what life would be like if we could enter our relationships without fear of the pain that comes with loss. Imagine if we never held back, if we said, “Yes!” when love knocks at the door.

What if you knew that a beautiful relationship was only going to last for a few years, or a few months? Would you engage in it fully anyway, keeping your heart open?

Let’s dive into the ocean of life together, and not hold ourselves back from the love that is always awaiting us there. Love in the midst of pain, love inside grief, love underneath anger, love that fuels joy.

Death walks behind us, not caring whether we open our hearts to let life in. She is coming for us someday, perhaps soon, perhaps years from now, and when she is ready, she will not wait for us to say what matters most.

So let’s say it now with all the passion our hearts can rally:



Copyright © 2013 Jessica McKay. All Rights Reserved. 

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