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Posted on: January 14, 2013

~ by Marja West

Over the past month I’ve received many inquiries via posts, telephone and email requesting my input regarding the latest horror stories in national and world events—pick one to focus on and feel yourSelves get whirled around and sucked into the craziness.  It’s one effing programmed thing after another.  Problem-Reaction-Solution.  We are constantly faced with moment to moment split second decisions when we interact with the world and one another, and it’s for our own good.  The 9/11 incident still reigns its campaign of fear.  To this day, at the airports, we each get to decide if we’d rather be molested or exposed to radiation. We are herded like cattle, and controlled for our protection from terrorists….ooooh… the “t” word.

Enter the Now from Here.

I am well known for being media and politically absent, and more focused on co-creating well-being among earthlings and the countless other beings bound to Gaia.  I’ll say this over and over again and again:  THE WORLD IS NOT THE PLANET!

With this in mind you can either read on or drop me like a bad habit.

“Presence”, that is, being present to life as it is, is very tricky.  And without a clear understanding of the true nature of reality, how your mind works, and how your emotions work, “presence” will just be another concept to strive for.  The word strive is more running away from what is, right now.  The whole point of “presence” is to allow what is.

I urge one and all to seriously consider unplugging from mainstream media, rather than get all caught up in the hell of incessant broadcasting of news, whether in print, on television, radio, or the web. 

Most people are on auto-pilot when it comes to the media cartel and get all caught up in their hoopla.  They do not question their droning out to the constant need of the constant stimulation the mass media provides, not to mention the rush of subliminal energetic potions received.  Most folks actually believe this is the whole of reality, when it’s merely just one timeline possibility, among and infinite number of possibilities.  But we are addicted to our media addictions as avoidance tactics.  Yup, that includes your addictions to your beloved iPhones, browsing the web because there’s nothing else to do, playing online games, watching movies, and talking non-stop or instant messaging, darlings. This need for distraction is escaping life as it is.  Have a good look.  All in the name of entertainment…and who doesn’t want to be entertained??  I love zombie moviesJ!

How many of us can actually receive and allow a moment’s peace without “shoulding” and “stressing out” about what to do next???  How many of us can actually meet someone new without comparing them to someone else?  How many of us can enjoy a walk in nature without mentally or verbally labeling and naming the trees, the birds, the butterflies, the flowers, the rock formations, the current phase of the moon, or experience something fresh for the very first time, even if you’ve done it or been there many times before? 

Did you know you’re actually doing whatever you’re doing right now for the very first time, Now…?  It’s new, Now, fresh.  Get it??? 

If you’re not present, where are you– in the past?? In the future?? Spacing out in some parallel universe???  Living life by default habitually?  Or just going through the motions until it’s all over with??

Hello??  You’re here on planet Earth!

You will raise the vibration of the planet significantly by being present to your life.  By focusing on your life and managing your life force, which by the way, is your creativity, you will assist in engendering peace for humanity, the animal and nature beings and serving this beautiful planet– In doing so the Universe and the Law of Attraction will support you in rich and amazing ways.

Unless you are presently having a direct experience with an act of violence that’s being reported through the media, please realise that you are actually being manipulated by the media cartel, to use your imagination to dip into that reality, in order to serve their agenda to get you to generate more terror and fear and despair and horror and anger and rage and hate and violence for all the world to feed off of, and thus creating more terror and fear and despair and horror and anger and rage and hate and violence. 

Have a good look at this and see for yourself.

Many of you are familiar with the Global Elite, and be well aware that the “geh”, as I prefer to call them (it’s cute, yeh?), want nothing more than to control and terrify us with horrifying images and headlines; they want nothing more than to polarize us and get us to blame and hate each other enough for us to kill each other without batting an eyelash. This has been going on and on and on and on for millennia. 

It’s called divide and conquer, and its success requires our complicity, so pull your head out of the sand and get off your knees.  Follow the money, and you’ll see who’s in charge.

It will take much more than being awake to end this madness.  Waking up is one thing, then, there is dealing with reality as it is.

If you want to truly do something concrete and real about the world and end all of the suffering and violence, please check yourself and work out and dissolve the suffering and violence in you!

Self-blame, self-criticism, self-hatred, self-importance, self-judgment and self-punishment– are among some of the acts of violence towards the Self on a personalized level, and do nothing but promote endless self-inflicted suffering.  It doesn’t take long for this suffering to spew out onto others.  From within, goes without. Your outer reality reflects your inner landscape.

Can you see how this contributes to the state of the world? 

You are the world, just as I am the world.  Don’t put the state of the world on God, Goddess, All that is.  We are the world.  We are the suffering of the world.  We are the violence of the world…and…We can transform the world.

Please have a look at this.  It’s true, isn’t it????

If you really want to contribute to peace on this planet, please allow peace within YOU and live it.  If you are not at peace, please face that reality, and accept it without trying to change it or get away from it.  Accept and be present with your non-peace.  Transformation occurs naturally, spontaneously.  Like yourself, love yourself, warts and all.

My friend and mentor, Fredric Lehrman, shares this brilliant affirmation with many:

“The more I like myself the way I am, the more I am the way I want to be.”

The Universe is all powerful. The power of the Universe resides within each and every one of us.  Know it and live it. We all come from the same source, yup even those others:-o…the “geh”…oh not not THEM…yes, THEM.

Remember, you are Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience.

Love & Blissings,

Marja West

Copyright © 2006-2013 Marja West All rights reserved.


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