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Synchronicity & Body Wisdom ~ Stepping Stones on the Destiny Path

Posted on: January 17, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

How is it that we complicate Creator’s work so thoroughly?  We have managed to systematically disengage from what nourishes and guides us on practically every level.  Funny “civilized” humans.

Nearly every convention urges us to disconnect from our body’s wisdom and the enormous gift of being IN a physical body.  Most of us either hate our body or are afraid of it.  We’re sure we are either too fat or too skinny or too ugly or too old.  And most of us are sitting on a powder keg of worry that we’re harboring some dread disease. 

Media outlets shout at us about the latest “pandemic” while advertisers urge us to consume pizza, fried chicken and burgers and then sprinkle some pharmaceutical concoction on our microwaved food with the promise that we’ll lose 30 lbs. by summer. 

There is an external solution to be plastered over every symptom of our disconnection – from depression to high stress levels to ‘erectile dysfunction’.  “Stay OUT of touch with yourself,” we are urged.  “Conventional wisdom’s” solution to our dislike and fear of our bodies is to escape our inner signals of imbalance with alcohol, shopping, TV, FaceBook, compulsive exercise, drugs (prescribed or recreational), more / less food (ironically both) and spectator – sports/politics/environmentalism/ LIVING.

Meanwhile, on the deep inside track, we are evolving with the Earth. Cosmologically and on a more geologic timeline, we are receiving continuous inputs regarding consciousness, interconnection and evolution.

So what gives?

When we listen, on the inside, our body’s signals show us how to live in balance. When we listen, our Earth is reaching out to us to willingly provide for our every need.  When we listen deeply to our own inner voice, our sacred signaling and our connection to our fellow creatures and human partners – that is, others who are listening – we come in contact with the many layered and infinite facets of Source. 

In this interconnection…this inner connection, a pulse of energetic awareness…a path of conscious creation can be tracked and followed.  This flow is the current of evolution as it is breathed and woven through this and every moment.  Synchronicity is the signal that tells us when we are in flow through our body’s wireless antenna.

Positive synchronicity is like the breadcrumbs we’ve left for ourselves to follow – from our greater, timeless awareness which is always connected to the Infinite.  Negative synchronicities also make apparent where we’ve become entrained to messages of fear and separation and have disconnected from our Self.

There is a pure, clear, stream of consciousness that runs through the center of each of us.  This is the stream that places us inside the Big Picture, the Cosmic Order, the dance of consciousness Itself – the Destiny path.  Within the flow of this stream much is shown to us, we are guided.  Boggling complexities are orchestrated beyond our awareness that serve us and usher us along our path.  Within this flow and alignment, we are served and our creative expression lives in service of the Whole. 

This is not some realm of inaction or state of passivity.  Our greatest effort and awareness is required here.  Paradoxically, the required effort is to let go!  We must use our conscious choice and personal, free will to let go and flow within the Greater Stream.  Our primer of fear/separation training says, “Hang on for your life and ‘try’ to control everything.” The prize? exhaustion in pursuing ultimately unfulfilling, external “rewards.”

Following the inside track, however, and acting on the subtleties of message and synchronous timing brings us our greatest joy and excitement.  That’s what clues us in to our center and true connection …our joy!

As we direct our intent, manage our minds, experience and cleanse our feeling state and release our conditioning ongoingly – moment-by-moment we begin to pick up this Cosmic Current and attune to the subtle signals.  This is the destiny path, the path of mastery.

Personal agendas and what we “think” we are “here to do” pale in the face of an Infinite Scheme.  When we drop our good ideas about “how it should” happen and “when it should” occur, we can instead begin to notice and follow the guideposts we’re given through synchronicity.  This is the path our bodies follow instinctively.

When we’re out of flow, our body ALWAYS let’s us know.  That makes our bodies a key piece of “tracking apparatus” though so much more.  For in actuality, there is no “thing-ness” about the body.  The body is an exquisitely calibrated, interdimensional compass.  The body is never NOT tracking Earth, the Sun, the Elements and how we can best interface, dynamically in balance with All of It.  Not in mere co-existence, but as a LIVE, CONSCIOUS, THRIVING expression of It. 

When we are identified with our conditioned mind, as who we are, our body looks like some backward vestige of our “animal nature” (heaven forbid!).  If we could just be our Head walking around – a curious image, indeed – we’d be safe and fearless and maybe even immortal!  This is the dream, the logical extreme of our mind identification – our conditioned programming.  From this perspective, our body is a bauble, a clothes hanger, something that feeds our vanity or it is our failing, aging, willful, accident-prone enemy.

Far from being our adversary or a failing machine, our body holds us true to our soul’s journey, our destiny path and the Infinite.  When we’re in flow on that level, our body is at ease, receiving and expressing naturally with Earth and cosmic currents. Our body reflects pain when we hold unresolved emotions and/or interpretations that cause us to seem limited.  When we are connected to our clear, inner stream our body is in bliss.  Whether it is 50lbs. “overweight” or yet unlocking the door to some form of addiction, dis-ease or physical-ized misadventure we can be happily and consciously ensconced in the Mystery of our co-creation.

Our clear, inner stream of joyful, conscious evolution enjoins us to the living fractal patterns of all the other conscious, joyful, evolving streams on EVERY SCALE of existence.  From subatomic happenings, to Earth-community events, to galactic dynamics to Cosmos unfurling new universes – our personal, inner stream and the stream of humanity is interconnected with the Stream of Spirit and Mystery Unfolding.

We cannot know precisely where, when or how it is unfolding, but when we follow synchronicity with the nuance and embodied mastery of an expert surfer, we ride the waves of evolution, our own precise destiny path and we re-member ourselves to be a living expression of our already chosen, joint venture – Creator’s Waking Dream.  

Our body’s wisdom and synchronicity – like the path of breadcrumbs left behind – if followed, will unfailingly lead us Home while still in form.


Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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