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Integrity ~ What Happens When We Show Up on the Inside?

Posted on: January 18, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

Integrity is the innate wisdom which aligns soul to Source.  Without integrity we flounder, for our center is lost to us.  When we breach our own integrity – that which is resonant with our true experience as it exists in this living moment – when we sidestep or ignore it, we pay.

How do we pay? Through becoming externally referenced, looking for our Source, our peace, what is true – outside of ourselves.

This is dangerous territory for once we focus our attention on the outside, all of our tracking systems, our perceptions, thoughts and feelings become entrained to the morphic field of collective, conditioned “reality”.

This is a soul-less reality – but only because we left our soul on the inside.  We forget to bring our primal truth – our own experience – right now, right now, right now – with us.

It becomes a slippery slope….  Without integrity we lack what is integral, what resides within – our truth, our unique spark, our compass – our resonance with Source.

How we pay –

If we align with something outside of ourself, that is not reflective of our inside, we will eventually despise that outside “reality” or the thing to which we have forfeited our inner authority.

This is why followership is so toxic and inevitably requires that the devotee and the guru part ways.  The follower seeks a truth outside themselves and assigns the knowing of truth or the Source of truth to an outside authority – the guru (read church, teacher, party, calling…).  Overtime this lack of integrity – pretending that someone or something – some dogma, can be the Source of one’s truth – rectifies itself…because it is FALSE.  The devotee becomes “disillusioned” – good news!  The devotee’s illusion, that someone or something outside of themselves can fully represent their own inner truth – is shattered!

Our center says no, our soul and essence rebel and we must push away the lie – which is often confused with the teacher.  Our integrity insists (and assists) us in the process of returning to our own authority – our internal reference – our personal compass – our unique living relationship with our Creator.

This is why tracking and attuning to our own internal experience is essential.  By exploring, with all of our senses and all of our awareness – precisely what’s happening – on the inside – we honor an internal knowing.  We parse through the wheat and chaff of our conditioning and beliefs to discover ‘what rings true for me’.  From this internal reference point – always returning to the question “What rings true for me?”…. or “Does this ring true for me?”  We stop seeking an outside answer – we stop insisting that the outside world fulfill me – afterall, expectation inevitably produces disappointment. Instead we discover that what references our life, what trues us and pulls us into harmony, our center and peace – lives within us.  The sweet spot, where our Spirit can sing to us, where our soul finds comfort at last – this place where God/dess resides.

When we hold to this inner authority and become faithful to our own ever-changing but ultimately true experience – and when we learn to NEVER compromise this or sell it out, we then can find resonance – attract what aligns with our inside – on the outside.

Then our world becomes a reflection of our integrity and alignment with Self. The separation between Self and World disappears.  Our integrity makes it so.


Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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