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Fractals and the Repetition of Old Messages

Posted on: January 22, 2013

~ by Jessica McKay

A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is a smaller copy of the whole, a property called self-similarity. Fractals describe many real-world objects that do not have simple geometric shapes, such as clouds, mountains, turbulence and coastlines. ~ The Webster Dictionary

Fractal (The Mandelbrot Set)

Fractal (The Mandelbrot Set), sometimes described as “the thumbprint of God.”

Human beings are made up of fractals — endlessly repeating patterns. Generation after generation, we unconsciously act from the program in our DNA as well as the program passed down to us by our ancestors. We are naturally programmed to tell our children what we were told, and no matter how hard some of us try not to “turn into our parents,” we find ourselves acting or behaving the way we remember them behaving when we were young.

This is because of the repetition of a program that runs in our mind, our energetic makeup and our physical body. And yet we are not responsible for our program until we gain the awareness that the program exists at all. We cannot change our perception of life and the world until we realize we are perceiving everything based on what was given to us as children. Only then can we break the pattern that unconsciously seeks an outlet for repetition. 

A few days ago, I was sitting by a display of pianos for sale in the middle of a shopping mall. A young girl about six years-old was coming out of a store with her mother, saw the pianos and exclaimed with excitement, “I want to play!” Her mother’s immediate reaction was, “Well, you can’t. They don’t allow you to play the pianos unless you’re buying one. And anyway, you can’t play the piano!” It was said with total disdain and nearly broke my heart. If that message and the energy behind it entered the little girl’s mind, what are the chances that she’s ever going to attempt to play a piano? I began to judge the girl’s mother for the negative message she was transmitting, and then I remembered that she probably heard the same kinds of messages on her journey to adulthood. Like any form of life, we are the product of repetition and a reflection of those who raised us, impacting the little ones we raise in the same ways.

Leaf fractal

See how the veins on the leaf echo the shape of the tree?

Is it really possible to break this unconscious pattern? Yes! First you must realize that there is a pattern, and figure out what it is. What do you believe, and who believed it before you? How far was it handed down through your ancestry? Ask yourself how it serves your life to believe what you believe about money, sex, relationships, parenting, diet, and what it means to be a “good” person. Keep the beliefs that serve you well, and find the ones that make you suffer. Practice consciously deleting beliefs from your program by telling yourself the truth. The truth is that the beliefs making you suffer are not true. They’re all lies. It’s not true that money is evil. It’s not true that you’re a slut if you…(fill in the blank.) It’s not true that it’s selfish to take the last cookie. 

These beliefs are subtle and it may take a little while for your deeper subconscious to release them, but the more you practice consciously letting them go the more your program will evolve.

Real change at a deep level is possible because all of life is evolving. We see it happening on the planet everywhere. Different species evolve. Viruses adapt and evolve. This means that the consciousness manifesting as everything is in a constant state of evolution. Therefore, we can support our own evolution by changing our program. 

This is a very important point — to remember that the program running through you is not your fault. You didn’t choose it and you didn’t create it. It is the burden we are all given as children. Part of the transformation to conscious adulthood is to see the load we are carrying and let it go. 

You can consciously cut the ties to the program of your ancestors through guided visualization. Close your eyes and envision all the people that came before you. See the energetic chords that connect you with family and culture. Send the ancestors love and gratitude for the program they have passed to you unconsciously, which has helped to mold who you are today. And then using your hands, gently cut the chords or remove them from the places they connect to your body.

fractal broccoli

Look at this magnificent vegetable made up of fractals!

You are now an individual entity, freestanding and supported by the Earth, rather than held in place by past conditioning. Think of the parts of your program you no longer want, and see the old program draining from your body down into the earth, far down into the earth’s core. See it being eaten and destroyed in order to become something else. That is what the earth does. It takes dead matter and transforms it back into new life.

When this is done, notice if there are any empty spaces in your body and mind where the old program or belief system used to dwell. Fill that space with healing light, and with the new beliefs you wish to carry with you — the beliefs that will make you happy. Just imagine it happening. Imagine the light filling up those empty spaces, and say thank you to your ancestors and to the earth. Life, the earth and your ancestors will support you in this, because through your evolution, you bring your ancestors with you and they are given the opportunity to evolve and grow. After all, You are the Creator; You are The One. You can change the dream, you can change the world, you can do anything you want.


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