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Dragonfly Power

Posted on: February 1, 2013

~ by Jessica McKay

I was wandering slowly around my neighborhood when I glimpsed dragonfly wings in the dirt. I knelt down and studied them with interest. The body of the dragonfly was gone, but the wings hadn’t yet disintegrated. They were perfectly shaped, a sacred reminder of Life’s perfection; I was almost afraid to touch them. I thought about the dragonfly and found I admired the way it is able to change directions in mid-air so quickly and with such incredible speed. I noticed that I wanted that for myself, the flexibility to change course quickly to pursue a different direction. I slowly moved my hand closer to the dry wings on the ground and said a quick prayer as I touched one of the wings with my forefinger. “Please, let me know and embody your power in my own life.” I touched my heart then, and my chest grew warm. I could feel the fiery vibration of strong wings in the sun.

Today I changed directions and quit a job that didn’t support my vision for my life. I am back on track now, flying someplace true. I danced with the dragonflies in celebration, chasing them around the park. They are way too fast for me, darting one way and another as they track smaller insects. The sun beats down, the grass is soft, I try to follow them but can’t, and I love them. Thank you, elusive little companions.


Copyright © 2009-2013 Jessica McKay All Rights Reserved.

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