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Is there a Spiritual Reason for Suffering?

Posted on: February 4, 2013

~ an interview with Sarah McCroskey (published in The Examiner)

In light of the recent earthquake in Haiti, I thought it would be helpful to understand suffering from a spiritual point of view. Herewith is an interview with Sarah McCroskey, Director of the Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay and a Certified Bioenergy Balancing practitioner. Bioenergy Balancing works vibrationally with the body’s energetic systems (the “chi” or body energy that circulates through the meridians and chakras of the body). McCroskey is also an author, appears on radio, teaches tele-classes, workshops and provides private, one-on-one healing sessions.

AL: What is the spiritual reason for suffering?
SM: Is there a spiritual reason for suffering? I think not, although witnessing our own or another’s suffering does evoke compassion and tender caring from our human heart. Though we can never know ‘why’ in the case of natural disasters or what a soul’s agreement may be in family dysfunction, cultural and political upheaval, war or genocide – when we look upon it our humanity is touched in passionate reaction. This may be more a spiritual view of suffering rather than a spiritual reason for it.

AL: Is suffering necessary?

SM: There is no doubt, circumstance and events are sometimes traumatic and painful. Pain, grief and the emotions of rage, terror, shock and even hate are part of the human experience. Suffering, however, is not the same as pain. Suffering is a lingering state based more on our interpretation of painful events than on the fact that the event occurred.

We tend to suffer when we live in the belief that “It shouldn’t have happened” or when we are unwilling to experience the painful emotions that accompany trauma. Emotions are energetic impulses. When we deny or disown them they inevitably show up “outside” of us, but in our life nonetheless – the un-owned shadow. Even the imbalances in nature can be due to un-owned human emotion coupled with eons of dishonoring our Earthly home.

When we experience, own, and process our own pain (some of which can go back lifetimes), we grow and develop and begin to notice how we’ve had a hand in our experiences all along. When we can track themes, and begin to recognize and release the beliefs that we created or adopted that generate our experience of life – then we’re getting somewhere.

If we simply tell the story of our trauma, assume the role of victim, rescuer and persecutor and live the drama-cycle that ensues, we forfeit our Creator power and live in sync with the consensus reality – “I am a product of my circumstance – externally derived, at affect”.

It is this attitude that is the source of suffering. This does not mean that people individually and sometimes en masse don’t experience horrendous events and hardships. My motto is: Sh_t happens, suffering is optional. Not in some “just walk it off” or callous way, but recognizing the distinction between pain and suffering.
This human game is not for the meek. Soul-level living is not pain-free no matter how conscious you are. The soul-level journey is deep indeed. When we become entrenched in whether our experience is “good” or “bad” rather than “it just is for right now” – we fail to allow life to flow and change, develop and resonate with our conscious intention – our creative heart song.

AL: When a place like Haiti experiences such large collective pain, does it affect others outside of Haiti?
SM: Absolutely, if people are willing to feel, and witness compassionately. When we can’t confront our pain, our histories, sometimes we go numb and blame. When we can open we see the interconnection – this is our common humanity and it is beautiful. Then we act compassionately to make a difference, to make a change, to bring our light to bear through the darkness and despair.

However, if we choose to expose ourselves endlessly to the media images and fear-based messaging we become entrained to the fear programs once again and we close. We fear this“could happen to me!” We hear the stories of looting and nastiness and we forget this is just a minute percentage of what is really going on. We forget to focus our attention on the untold stories of love and connection and heroism and human kindness. Whether these images are beamed into our living rooms or not – we must remember that open heartedness loving kindness and human innovation are the more accurate picture and possibility of our world.

AL: Any final comment? 
SM: Whatever the question is, the answer is Love.

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Wow, amazing piece, Sarah (and Jessica)

Just perfect.

Love from Chacala.

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On 2/4/13 7:25 AM, “HumanSpirit Radio Network” wrote: sarahmcc posted: “~ an interview with Sarah McCroskey (published in The Examiner)In light of the recent earthquake in Haiti, I thought it would be helpful to understand suffering from a spiritual point of view. Herewith is an interview with Sarah McCroskey, Director of the”

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