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Spirituality and Sports? Curiosities and Reflections on Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on: February 5, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey


Okay, I’m a football fan. I’ve been all over the map.

  • From cover-my-ears and get out of the house to avoid the deafening roar and sheer energetic voltage of the meteoric rise and fall of emotions emanating from my Dad and brothers watching College games in my youth;
  • to my 20-something’s sheer distain for the gladiator spectacle and homage to war and violence;
  • to my 3rd decade tryst with pro-ball (come on, the 49ers in the 80’s? – they had me at Ronnie Lott!)
  • And now my 50’s – the age of my divine ambivalence.

So in watching Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, Feb 3rd I couldn’t help but notice the juxtaposition of all things brute and buxom, sacred and profane.

Scientifically speaking, it has been documented that when world events garner MASS attention (for instance, the Super Bowl, 9-11, etc.) there is a magnified potential for energetic affect due to the sheer volume of coherent, focused energy focused in one place – rather than the typical chaotic patterns generated by “normal,” undirected human activity.

So as I tuned into the Super Bowl I recalled this magnified field piece (feeling somewhat sheepish about zero-ing in on an internet sports feed given my current locale — the sacred, NATURE haven of Kauai), and I thought, “Great, the only thing missing from these moments of culture/crisis hyperfocus juju is a powerful intent.”  So I made one up. 

“May this worldwide focus of energy create a re-dedication of human consciousness to a world that works for everyone, with no one left out, in harmony with Earth and all her communities.”  It happens to be a favorite intent of mine.

Then I downshifted to game watching mode and, well, the curious dualities just kept on coming!

Within the game:

  • Two loving brothers locked in battle – mythic, of course.
  • A young, unsuspecting back-up quarterback (SF’s Colin Kaepernick) of thoroughbred style and grace, moxie and strength finds himself in the Super Bowl – the preeminent underdog – further mythos.
  • This brilliant athlete, a riveting rising star you can’t help but root for just happens to look Arabic, at least to me. (Yes, nobody knows because he’s adopted).  This ju-jitsu move by Spirit – shifting the sentiments of a nation fixated on the Bush-era cultivation of fearing all beings Islam (renamed Al-Qadea) from cultural fear gone mad to come-from-behind, gotta love him, hero.  Destiny-mythos…good, good.
  • Then there’s the karmic moments where the SF kicker, David Akers, the 2012 “best-ever” to 2013 reviled failure (another example of meteoric sports-emotion) is the only guy scoring for the 49ers – his 6 points being the only thing keeping them in the game at halftime.  Again with the “hero’s journey.”

Then there’s the commercials!

So right here in the heart of hyper-yang, left-brained, “rationality” (though really, not at all) and he-man, “if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist”, crazy, unfounded materialism you have

  • Numerous Toyota RAV4 “Wish Granted” spots featuring intention/focus/invocation/creation – alchemical magic – poof!

And finally, halftime…

The beauty and power and sheer, soul, full-throttle sexual magic and Goddess mo-jo of Beyonce.  I was genuinely hoping that she would use her high art of seduction to purposely highlight the world causes ALL women really hold dear – like feeding ALL the children of the world.  Her heart is definitely there – as an ambassador to Unicef and the like. 

I was hoping (not as strong as intending – by a mile!) that Beyonce would use her talent/allure to reel in the attention of the masses and them aim it at what IS real – our human necessity to transition into species that deserves to be here on Earth – by our merit and actions – not just because we are here.

And the ultimate display of spirit/sport polarity – the 30 minute black out.

Did you notice, when it first began, ALL the lighst went out.  Then, a spontaneous chant arose from the crowd (watch the video, it’s there!) after which a quarter of the panels, then ½ came back into operation.  Then the crowd lost its chanting interest or momentum and so we stood at FULL POLARITY for the full 30+ minutes. 

Our human response was just as curious in its polarity.  I happened to be watching online, so I was privy to the ongoing Twitter feed which ranged from hilarious, creative and jocular to blame to apologetic (from the NewOrleans Superdome folks.)

Then the sportscasters began to wax supernatural about previous blackouts at 49er games, momentum change and the like.

Then the light returned to an eventful, riveting 2nd half and a near-triumph, come-from-behind for the 49ers…just short. 

Yes, some will blame it on bad play-calling, some will blame it on Beyonce (are you kidding?! She created the blackout?) because we’re still not sure we can tolerate a fully empowered, sexual woman (who could likely trounce any given NFL player, let alone a spectator.)

Or maybe it’ll just cause us all to tune-in next season for more mythical highlights of humanity’s quest for a meaningful story.

I’ve got an idea…here’s a start….  Headline:  “Modern sports-crazed humanity selects to shift vast sums of money and creative ingenuity to create a world that works for everyone, with no one left out, in perfect harmony with Earth and all her communities.”

Now there’s a destiny story of mythical proportions.  And I say, we’re up for it.

Let the games begin…or….continue.  (Go ‘9ers!)


Copyright © 2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved.

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