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Posted on: February 11, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey (published in Common Ground Magazine)

Like many of you, I have spent the past twenty-plus years engaged in a self-navigated process designed to discover, digest and release emotional/energetic blockages stemming from the first 20 years of my life. A process of shedding false selves and completing the past is probably the best way to put it.

Drawn by the truth of my own experience, at any early age I managed by following my secret yet unflinching personal intuition. Since expressed emotion was not the language of my family, being able to read the “energy” was a real asset. I followed this tool, instinctively and was labeled “too sensitive” – a term I now consider a compliment.

For me, being too sensitive has been key, allowing me to follow my heart and my nose – in essence, my guidance – to the next appropriate step in my growth and self-expression.

Being willing to experience whatever comes up has also been fundamental, allowing me to process emotions and loss and become current rather than past (or future) based. This, I had to learn, for we live in a culture that says to experience one’s emotions is paramount to eternal upheaval or even death.

From my early teenage years, I was moved by idealism and the question, “Why are we here?” This led me from poetry to meditation to many life-altering experiences in courses, bodywork, psychotherapy, and beyond. Armed with a degree in the biological sciences and a world of experience from my college years, I was eager to make a difference in the world.

The next task was to find work that would incorporate by profound commitment to self discovery and empowerment, my love of biology and my dedication to assisting people in discovering their essence, in matters of health, consciousness and overall well-being.

Let’s say I kissed some frogs. I looked long and hard, it was a journey of awakening, but I was not finding a discipline that met my criteria: results-oriented, short term, healing physical and emotional issues, and guiding people (by revealing their own, personal compass) to soul level expression.

At the age of 41 I found my way to Bioenergy Balancing and recognized a work that would fulfill me. As a friend of mine put it after witnessing years of my struggle to find the right discipline, “No wonder you couldn’t find what you would be when you grew up, it didn’t exist yet!”

Actually, it did, I just hadn’t discovered it. Founded in 1981 by Priscilla Kapel in Palo Alto, Bioenergy Balancing allows the body and spirit to guide the healing process. This modality combines Western disciplines of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry with Eastern principles of “chi” or body energy and the flow/circuitry of the meridians and chakras.

Yes, it all comes down to energy: self-guiding intuition and being conscious of our 24/7 data stream – our emotions. Releasing energetic blocks stemming from the past allows the ability to heal and become present, and the clarity to follow our nose from there.


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