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Fire Ceremony

Posted on: February 13, 2013

~ by Jessica McKay


During my travels in California and beyond, whenever we wanted to let go of anything of real significance, we’d have a fire ceremony. We’d spend the entire day ruminating on what needed to be purged from our minds – belief systems, thoughts, guilt, etc., and we’d write them down on a piece of paper. Some people would come to the gathering with an entire notebook.

The fire would be built high, a few of us would start drumming, and then one by one, each person would prepare themselves to let go. When one sensed that it was time, he or she would approach the fire and give the paper to the flames. It helped to have everyone there as witness, which made it more powerful for the individual.

“Grandfather Fire,” as we called it, has been around for a long time. He takes what you give him, devours it, and carries the message upwards through smoke. The fire is alive, a living messenger that brings your message to the sun. The sun, knowing the difference between truth and lies, eats and destroys the lie so you can live without that burden. I’ve participated in fire ceremonies in all the places we traveled – Peru, Mexico, and especially northern California. They are always powerful and freeing. I remember feeling my arms rise up almost by themselves because they felt so very light after letting go of whatever it is I had thrown into the fire in Peru. I could see the stars behind the dark shapes of my hands, and I grasped that there was no place where the stars ended and I began. It was all one thing. The fire, the night, my hands, my companions, the tall plants behind me.

We can communicate with all the elements – with everything! You can bury an old belief in the earth, or let the river wash it away. The earth wants to help – the fire wants to unburden you, because through the act of letting go of what you no longer want or need, you are participating in the evolution of the human dream.


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