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Me and You ~ Beyond the Wall

Posted on: February 15, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey


I came in touch recently with the fact that I have been living behind a Wall, of my own creation, built long ago from bricks of shame, self-judgment, anger, and fear. “How did I miss this?” my Mind hisses.

My Self answers ~ “Beloved, it was not yet time to discover this.”

As I began to engage in REALLY looking at each and every brick I had placed around me, the 50+ extra pounds I hold on my body began to make sense.  How much fear (that I was mainly NOT in touch with) had been condensed from an energetic protective field into a physical structure, padding…. “Stay away.”

Marianne Williamson speaks compellingly about our walls, in her book, A Course in Weight Loss.  She speaks of how we personally cannot release the walls we have erected, be they physical, emotional, addictions or patterns of avoiding intimate connection.  If we could do it, we would have done it by now.  Only The Divine, our Creator / God can dissolve our edifice ~ and only we can request that it be done.


Our Mind and our Will want to have NOTHING to do with this dissolution. Our Mind and our Will have been outdoing one another as architect and builder of the Wall.  Their grand design is meant to be on our behalf, yet it is based on an understanding that we are now outgrowing.  Fear and its reflexive nature – to protect – believing whole-heartedly in a separate self.

But we didn’t come in with this notion.  As I’m delving into this it is surfacing all around me – in clients and in friendships.  We’re OUTGROWING our need, or more accurately – we no longer can stand to feel separate from community, one another…from the actuality of The Unified Field, our Oneness.

We recognize unity. We come from and will return to the Field of Oneness.  We knew as babies and toddlers that we were connected – a living part of the Whole, with untold abilities to inter-relate, communicate and BE with Everything.

So why the Wall? 

bricks in the wallAs we looked around as infants, we noticed that the adults, the older children – those we depended on for love, food, shelter – they all believed in something else.  Before we ever emerged from the womb, they had already swallowed the poisoned pill – of fear and separation.

As we looked out at these poor souls we saw that they were true believers in this illusion.

Some of us decided we needed to help them escape, thereby buying the notion of separation (I must help you) and some of us felt victimized by family members acting out scenarios of pecking orders, domination and abuse.  Through shame or grief or not being listened to we began to erect our own Walls to match what we saw around us.

Love has taken us this far. Our true nature can stand the constriction no longer.  We now know, at least conceptually as adults, we don’t need a Wall. We want to be free and reach through to “other,” “world,” “all our relations.” 

Now we have a choice.  To take conscious charge of Mind and Will – the twin wardens of The Illusion, and surrender our confinement – brick by brick – through our heart and our experience ~ to our Creator. 

For the wardens will not free us.  Only the living energy of Creation itself holds the antidote and can guide us back to life, affinity and fearless relating.  It is only in the ongoing acts of surrender to Greater Wholeness that we are free.

In concert with Divinity, fully embodied, as radiant heart-field, unbuilding our Walls – we can move ahead with the agenda we arrived with…bringing Heaven to Earth.  Resume play.


Copyright © 2003-2013 Sarah McCroskey. All Rights Reserved. 

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