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Searching for Answers

Posted on: March 1, 2013

~ by Jessica McKay

Your subconscious mind knows just about everything. It knows what hidden strategies keep you from getting hurt, and the masks you wear in front of others and yourself. It knows what happened to make you close your heart to the spontaneity of life, and the magic that will open it again.

The subconscious is your connection to the Divine. You can ask any question and the subconscious will answer. Its wisdom can be difficult to hear through the thoughts and activity of the conscious mind, which listens through the filter of logic and knowledge. Yet, despite the noise, it’s possible to receive answers that are clear and true. They may show up as images, dreams or feelings. Questions like, “Should I go here or there?” can be answered more effectively than if you make a list of pros and cons, because the subconscious has within it the intelligence of Everything.

When our life circumstances are challenging, the conscious mind can be full of doubt and despair. And those negative thoughts can be scary! Especially when we’ve all heard about the detriment that negative thinking causes in our lives. The popular philosophy out there says that if we think bad thoughts, then bad things will come into our lives. Believing this, we become afraid when we don’t have control over negative thinking. I invite you to consider a different philosophy — that the darker and more desperate your circumstances, the more answers and light await you in the realm of your subconscious mind. So don’t be afraid of the dark; don’t be afraid of negativity and despair. Allow them to wash over you, and following right behind them are positivity and light.

Ask your subconscious for an answer to your questions. Ask over and over again like a mantra meditation before you sleep, and allow your dreams to inform you. You can also go out in nature. Ask your question, and walk where you are led. There’s a place I like to go when I need clarity. It’s a narrow path with long grass and forest on either side. I pay attention to what I see, and come away with a calm certainty when it’s time to go home. Of course, the answers don’t really come from nature, they come from my subconscious, and are reflected onto my surroundings so that my conscious mind can “read” them. Being in nature helps me to open to the silent wisdom.


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1 Response to "Searching for Answers"

If you accept that we are all connected through the source that , for lack of a better word, I will call “God”, or the divine, the energy source that creates all things, with nature being a conduit for this source, then nature can talk to us and give us answers, if we listen.

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