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Synchronicity & Body Wisdom ~ Part 1

Posted on: March 11, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

How is it that we complicate Creator’s work so thoroughly?  We have managed to systematically disengage from what nourishes and guides us on practically every level.  Funny “civilized” humans.

Nearly every convention urges us to disconnect from our body’s wisdom and the enormous gift of being IN a physical body.  Most of us either hate our body or are afraid of it.  We’re sure we are either too fat or too skinny or too ugly or too old.  And most of us are sitting on a powder keg of worry that we’re harboring some dread disease. 

Media outlets shout at us about the latest “pandemic” while advertisers urge us to consume pizza, fried chicken and burgers and then sprinkle some pharmaceutical concoction on our microwaved food with the promise that we’ll lose 30 lbs. by summer. 

There is an external solution to be plastered over every symptom of our disconnection – from depression to high stress levels to ‘erectile dysfunction’.  “Stay OUT of touch with yourself,” we are urged.  “Conventional wisdom’s” solution to our dislike and fear of our bodies is to escape our inner signals of imbalance with alcohol, shopping, TV, FaceBook, compulsive exercise, drugs (prescribed or recreational), more / less food (ironically both) and spectator – sports/politics/environmentalism/ LIVING.

Meanwhile, on the deep inside track, we are evolving with the Earth. Cosmologically and on a more geologic timeline, we are receiving continuous inputs regarding consciousness, interconnection and evolution.

So what gives?


Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow! 

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