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Synchronicity & Body Wisdom ~ Part 3

Posted on: March 14, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

There is a pure, clear, stream of consciousness that runs through the center of each of us.  This is the stream that places us inside the Big Picture, the Cosmic Order, the dance of consciousness Itself – the Destiny path.  Within the flow of this stream much is shown to us, we are guided.  Boggling complexities are orchestrated beyond our awareness that serve us and usher us along our path.  Within this flow and alignment, we are served and our creative expression lives in service of the Whole. 

This is not some realm of inaction or state of passivity.  Our greatest effort and awareness is required here.  Paradoxically, the required effort is to let go!  We must use our conscious choice and personal, free will to let go and flow within the Greater Stream.  Our primer of fear/separation training says, “Hang on for your life and ‘try’ to control everything.” The prize? exhaustion in pursuing ultimately unfulfilling, external “rewards.”

Following the inside track, however, and acting on the subtleties of message and synchronous timing brings us our greatest joy and excitement.  That’s what clues us in to our center and true connection …our joy!

As we direct our intent, manage our minds, experience and cleanse our feeling state and release our conditioning ongoingly – moment-by-moment we begin to pick up this Cosmic Current and attune to the subtle signals.  This is the destiny path, the path of mastery.


Stay tuned for the conclusion of this article tomorrow.

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