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Is Humanity Ready for Zero-Point Energy?

Posted on: March 15, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

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Beyond the energy solutions of solar and wind power, beyond tides and nature’s other un-ownable abundant energetic resources lies what physicist term zero point energy.

Zero point energy or the Zero Point Field is, in fact, what powers the sun, our tides, the wind, our biological systems and the very atoms of all physical matter.  Zero point energy is the source level, life force energy, chi or prana which animates our Universe.

Zero point refers to the “Vibrational energy retained by molecules even at a temperature of absolute zero. Since temperature is a measure of the intensity of molecular motion, molecules would be expected to come to rest at absolute zero.”  But they don’t.

This residual or background Field of energy is what interconnects everything from celestial bodies and cosmological events to cellular communication and subatomic interaction.  From form to the formless, past the visible spectrum into what we cannot perceive with our 5 sensory apparatus – the quantum field is filled with energy.  “Space” is not a vacuum but instead is teaming with energies – waves and particles – blinking as photon packets in an endless process of transformation.

Everything is composed of energy with organization, “energy and intelligence” as Deepak Chopra puts it.  This is the basis all of existence.

Given the amount of energy contained in, for instance, a uranium atom (the splitting of which produced the explosive potential of the atom bomb); just think what inherent energy potential resides in the Zero Point Field – the field that fuels all of existence.  For just as the First Law of Thermodynamics states “Energy cannot be created or destroyed” we know that energy exchange is present all the time, dancing between and among, transforming from one state or form to another, electrons endlessly changing partners forming the fabric of true reality – interconnection.

Should humanity tap this pure potential our days of being beholden to energy companies or those who lay claim to our natural resources would be over.  In fact, devices to harness zero point energy have been invented and continue to be engineered and proven.  As with solar and other efficient energy devices – sometimes these breakthrough technologies are bought and shelved by those wanting to maintain the crazy notion of “ownership” of free, living energy.

Change is in the air, however.  Thanks to Al Gore’s 2006 climate-change documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” the public is now primed to adopt a new approach to energy. It is simply a matter of time before communities, government and business alike begin to realize there is a fortune to be made converting earnest consumers to non-polluting, sustainable energy technologies.  The momentum is accelerating.

But even beyond that – there is a level of human consciousness that must be achieved before our species can evolve to harnessing the pure potential of the zero point energy.

Our consciousness must unlock from the notion of separation and scarcity for us even to imagine the possibility inherent in the zero point field, let alone tap into it.  For once we reach past the threshold of the linear, cause and affect, mechanical ideology into the realm of source level, eternal, free energy as the true nature of reality, we tap into IMMENSE power and awareness – far beyond mere energy production.

When we truly get the interwoven nature of ALL reality, we as beings, become conscious members of this Unified Field.  False notions of the separate self, some free-standing “outside reality”, species or cultural separation begin to crumble.  You against me, not enough, non-belonging, even the fear of death loses its edge – for as energy and intelligence – even we, as our soul-sparks of Creator consciousness are eternal ‘cannot be created or destroyed’.

Yet questions remain.  Have we, as a humanity graduated to the place where we can drop our fear and survival based conditioning to behold a conscious, organized, interconnected Whole?  Can we yet imagine that within the 3 sextillion known stars (3 with 23 zeros behind it) we are not the only planet home to sentient life?  Have we achieved a level of consciousness, integrity and heart-centered beingness to use quantum energy with equity and harmony?

When our collective quotient of responsibility reaches critical mass based on the principles of love, honoring and integrity regarding all of life – from Earth to self to family to community to global relations and beyond – only then will we become eligible to hold the key to zero point energy.  The technologies and political resolve will (as always) flow from our consciousness and well-meaning intent.

We can continue to chase paychecks to pay others for access to power that is derived from processes that imperil our planet, through pollution, war and irreverence.  We can stay invested in being right, looking good, and the personal politics of blame and defense. Or we can choose to raise our vibration and consciousness to match an already working Universal design.

We are crossing the threshold.  Fear, scarcity and impossibility no longer become us.


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Great, Rosella. Welcome!

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