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Why the Up-Shift? A New Context for Where We’re Going

Posted on: March 19, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

With all the talk about the Shift in Consciousness, the end of the Mayan Calendar, 2012, the Great Turning and however else you want to refer to our human evolution – one question is rarely addressed…why?

Of course we have played out the game of limitation to its extreme. No question we’ve disregarded and disrespected our home Planet and her vital communities to the point of peril. It goes without saying that our core human values have been usurped by separatism, fear and economic profit-taking. So the NEED for change is clear.

But what lies at the end of this tunnel of transformation? Why the vibrational up-ticking? We know what we’re leaving behind, but where are we going?

Envisioning a future world is of critical importance.

Vision is an active imagining, an energetic living-into a global dream.  It is not analytical or some sort of parsing activity – “yes this, not that…”  Vision steps out into the ethers, without guarantees, often appearing “preposterous” yet focused, intent, heart-based and deeply connected to a picture, a framework, a spirit well beyond the ordinary conditioned clap-trap.

Visioning takes courage, clear perception, intestinal fortitude. It is not about “fitting in”. True vision lies outside the parameters of convention, security and agreed upon reality.  More, better, different are simply variations on the same old theme – separate self striving to survive.  Like lemmings off a cliff, we’ve been following this lineage for a few millennia.

Envisioning a new world, one of inner-connection AND interconnection asks something new from us – it requires the dissolution of the foundation of our experiment – the pretense of a separate self in competition for its survival.  As realities go, this one is pure fabrication and our ego – our ultimate “fitting in” genius knows its days are numbered.

It’s not bad, our ego, it’s just gotten off-course, has turned in on itself, is too deeply entrenched in fear to be having any fun any more.

So as we raise our frequency, we literally shift from fear and survival into a new realm, a coherent wave of a higher vibration – a new octave of living – from the heart and founded in love.  Only this opens the way to harmony and co-existence.  Only love attunes us to the pulse of this inter-species Earth realm. It is love that pulls us up into a vibration that can hold our sorrows, heal our wounds, innovate the solutions and mend our human tribe.

But, again, why? Perhaps this experiment of Earth-based humans is complete.  Maybe we’ve brought “civilization” to its dazzling conclusion and are meant to become a cosmic footnote.

Or maybe we are aiming toward the conclusion of our separate experiment, where we explored all manner of forgetting our connection to a greater Whole.  Maybe as spelunkers into the depths of negativity we are done with our mission and can awaken from our collective nightmare into a new dream.

Why? Because all of our ancestry, those who have watched with rapt attention – our star being elders and galactic brethren await our re-entry into a wider, truer, vaster identity as Spirit in form. We have a love-based universe to explore, to which we will contribute our precious lessons.  Up-shifting to a New Earth –  flights (through consciousness) departing daily!


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