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Tomorrow’s broadcast with Marja West is not to be missed!

Posted on: April 4, 2013

This Friday, April 5th, 2013 from 2-3pm Pacific—JOIN US for Marja West’s broadcast on the HumanSpirit Radio Network by calling (646) 478-4429. Friday’s show holds this gift for you:

They are here! “AWAKENED MODERN LOVE: A New Template For Awakened Sacred Partnership with my beloved friends, Makia Williams and Davin Infinity.” Be inspired, RECEIVE a gorgeous infusion and template of conscious love from this luscious interview.  This new template is beyond the status quo of he-said-she-said relating, and that ridiculous New Age notion of programming in THE ONE who’s going to GIVE you all that you lack and SAVE you… Tune in…The rain/reign of Divine Love has arrived in this New Paradigm.


Makia Williams and Davin Infinity

Makia Williams is the creative director of New Earth Embodywork Foundation and the pranic nutrition company “New Earth Nectar & Nutritionals”. New Earth Embodywork Foundation is a professional Holistic Health Practice which offers: Embodywork Therapy, Detoxification Programs, Vitality Counseling, Intuitive Development, Graceful Empowerment and Spirit Comm:union to align oneself with the action steps needed to embody our highest vision of optimal health. She has been leading workshops around the US on Self Healing and Metaphysical Sciences for the last 7 years.

Davin Infinity has trained in several lineages of shamanic practice, martial arts and Mystery Schools. He is an experienced and powerful metaphysical guide into the Quest of human potential and transformation.  This work is a major influence in his visionary art, films and life mastery workshops. ( and his creative design studio ( Davin is also the founder of the Awakening Freedom Foundation: a culture design collaboration platform & whole systems movement that weaves a network of unified solutions to a healthier creation of culture and ecology. It is home to the largest collection of free downloadable visionary e-books, videos and research for the human potential on the internet!  (

Together they have a Mission Statement:

  • Davin and Makia are on a sacred mission to live, play and share optimal practices around Wholistic Living. Three key components; Vital Health, Harmonic Relationships and Creative Wealth. They are developing a Living Mystery School devoted to the returning to our original source of primordial magic and innocence through the passage of purification and transformation. Creating a life of joy, passion, play, creativity and thriving in Eden consciousness is what they live for. They have created an incredible full color visionary self-help book on love and magic called: “Awakening Love in the Cosmic Dream”. They are also deeply connected to a large global community network of artists, teachers and healers working with sacred union partnerships.

It’s my immense pleasure to introduce Makia Williams and Davin Infinity—Makia, Davin hi Beloveds!

Juicy Links:

Davin & Makia’s gorgeous full color book (*I am also featured in this book)

Awakening Love in the Cosmic Dream – Available in print or on demand or as an E-book download at:

~ Marja West


CALL- IN :  (646) 478-4429




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