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A Reminder of Innocence

Posted on: April 12, 2013

~ by Jessica McKay

We are perfect just the way we are, and just the way we are not. We have been perfect since the beginning and will be perfect until the end. We are a beautiful and unique expression of the love of the Divine, nothing less. We never deserved to be neglected or lied to or abused or violated. It was not our fault and had nothing to do with our value or worthiness or lovability. ~ Allan Hardman,

I have made it my mission to integrate this philosophy into my life so that I may live with my heart open in acceptance of myself and others. But sometimes I find myself forgetting. I judge myself as “not enough.” Not advanced enough, successful enough, healthy enough, strong enough, secure enough. As a result, my relationships suffer. If my relationship with myself is one of judgment and condemnation, I imagine that the people in my life are having the same thoughts about me as my Judge.

If you are sometimes afraid in your relationships, then this judge-victim dynamic is occurring on the inside. How can we heal this? The first step is to realize that you’re in fear, and understand that this fear is caused by self-judgment. The next step is to remember that your negative judgments are never true – they are just things that were told to you, lies that you accepted as truth along the way. When you stop believing that it is better to be independent than vulnerable, or whatever belief is causing the self-judgment and fear, you can return to your natural state of innocence – doing the best you can as the embodiment of the Unknown in an unknowable universe. There is nothing to judge here, only things to love (=accept). Acceptance doesn’t hurt.

Wishing you (and me) a Judge-free day!


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