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Self-Criticism and Ego

Posted on: April 15, 2013

~ by Astara, channeled through Sarah McCroskey

Question: Is self-criticism a product of the ego? This seems to be the deepest wound with always another layer of healing required.

Astara: Yes, the human habit of self-criticism and doubt is notoriously a difficult one. It is an invention of the ego and is one of most powerful ways that the ego maintains a sense of separation from the whole Self. With separation in place, finding and knowing oneself, as one with Source, is difficult, even unlikely, if one cannot escape the bounds of the ego.

Now the ego has gotten some bad press. There is no ill intent in ego, merely limitation. The ego’s purpose and construct is survival. Ego made its appearance first in your realm when consciousness chose form as a means of self-expression. Source energy is a platform for unbounded creativity and consciousness constructed a plane of time/space constraints in which to materialize. Within manifest reality distinctions became paramount as another means of creativity, “Well, how about this?” and “What about that?” It was all a great game of invention – and, in fact, still is. The boundless creativity generated distinction upon distinction. Individuality and succinct human entities were part of that development.

As individual representations of the species “human being” formed, so formed the ego. The ego principle was put in place as a way to maintain the distinction. No clumping allowed. Groups and cultures would have to develop by working around the ego, appeasing it, showing each individual ego the worth of group involvement. As stated, the ego’s first priority is survival. If group life or cooperation amongst individuals enhanced survival, the ego was pleased. If not, the ego competed for survival and will do so with little provocation – as you witness all too frequently on the Earth plane.

With the evolution of human consciousness that is taking shape right now, individuals such as yourself are struggling with the premise and reality of the ego construct. Having remembered the wonder and grace available by knowing oneself as an integral facet of God/Goddess/All That Is, the ego and its commitment to “a separate reality” feels in opposition to the loving wholeness of Self/Source.

What to do? Just exactly what you are doing. Heal it, heal it more, heal it further, continue to allow the concept of self as distinction to rise up and be healed. What you now know is that this is a false reality, interesting and creative as an original proposition and experiment in creation creating, but now a little out of bounds.

Thankfully conditions and cycles are completing which allow this process to come into better balance, by the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The self criticism and self doubt are falling away as the ego distinction, separation, polarity and fear based reality (a direct manifestation of identity as ego) of 3rd dimensional living shifts to soul based awareness and creation from that perspective. You, my friend are just beginning to behold the wonder, miracles and love that become manifest when the soul level knowing of self is again recalled.

Continue to recall, re-envision and remember the love we in Spirit and your Source hold for you. This love is unconditional, without expectation ofperformance/merit/deserving; only loving you as you for you. You are consciousness transforming daily, interdimensionally. Our preference is that you live in knowledge of yourself as Human/Spirit and in joy. But even that, dear one, is not required. Source loves you absolutely no matter what. And we as aspects of Source provide encouragement and love as you fulfill your dream – to manifest Heaven on Earth.

~ Astara through Sarah McCroskey


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