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Heaven on Earth

Posted on: April 17, 2013

~ by Jessica McKay

Age is a limit we impose upon ourselves. You know, each time you Westerners celebrate your birthday you build another fence around your minds. – Lost Horizon

If you have ever read Lost Horizon by James Hilton, or know the story of the Garden of Eden, then you’ve glimpsed the existence, at least in your mind, of a mythical place in which suffering is completely unknown. In this place there is no worry, sickness, or old age — there is only celebrated transformation, and everyone is family. There are no conflicts, and all dreams, thoughts and feelings are honored.

My favorite books to read growing up were those in which the hero, or spiritual seeker, goes to a remote place in search of healing and spiritual breakthrough. The stories contain a similar theme: the seeker senses that the limitations of the world are deadening to the soul, and is driven to search for a way to stay vital and alive in life. There’s a magic and a mystery that guides the seeker, and he or she finds a place hidden from the rest of the world where there is a teacher waiting. Sometimes it is an unknown monastery in the deep desert, or an out-of-the-way house in Mexico. No matter where it is, it is always replenishing to the spirit and becomes a place of awakening from the troubled dreams of the seeker’s old life. Here with the help of a teacher, he or she begins the process of disassembling what s/he knows and uncovering the truth that directed the first steps of the journey to personal freedom.

When I began traveling to Teotihuacán, Mexico, I was looking to do something similar — to find another way of looking at life and shed the delusions I had adopted over a lifetime that made me suffer. I read about Teotihuacán before I visited, and it certainly was not some unknown or remote paradise that few travelers ever see. Thousands upon thousands of tourists visit the massive pyramids and temples every day.

Before my group and I walked into the old city for the first time, our teacher taught us how to hook our attention solely on what we were doing, and as a result, the tourists, vendors and school children vanished. It was as if we were there alone and all others were ghosts moving around us on some other vibration, in some other universe. By focusing our attention we created a container around our group, so that we were free to engage in a very personal process without worrying what tourists might think if any of us were having an emotional experience. In a way, we became invisible. We created a place within a place — our very own “Shangri-La.”

Teotihuacán became an oasis similar to those in the books of my childhood – full of magic, new insights and discovery. It was a safe space where I could take a break from the human drama of my life back home and be who I really was without fear of judgment. It was a place of miracles, where I and the others participating learned to create a dream of Heaven on Earth.

This dream of Heaven, Shangri-La, or Paradise is absolutely real and can be dreamed into existence anywhere. We are so powerful that we can transform hell into heaven just by how we dream. The “Dream of Heaven” is simply the awareness that there is nothing wrong with you, that everything is, in fact, “right” with you and with the world also. If you can perceive the world and yourself through the eyes of acceptance, you will be in Heaven. You’ll gravitate towards those people who accept and support you exactly the way you are, and even in the midst of life’s pain you will not suffer.

Of course, to really change the way you dream, it can be helpful to leave your regular environment and go somewhere new, where you are not bound by the laws of familiarity.

I shall miss the sea. But a person needs new experiences. They jar something deep inside. Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken. — Dune

When you learn to see the perfection that exists inside yourself, you will know it outside as well — even if the outside world appears to be full of tragedy and destruction. You can look at your inner conflict and see its existence as yet another manifestation of the Divine. Accepting your own conflict, you’ll have acceptance for the world’s conflict. And your acceptance transforms conflict into peace. When there is peace within, you’ll see the peace outside as well — you’ll see Heaven on Earth.


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