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Posted on: April 22, 2013

~ by Diarra, channeled through Sarah McCroskey

Question: What can you tell me about manifesting onto the 3rd dimensional plane? Is there a methodology?

Diarra: Why yes, there is. It’s the magic of the heartsong. What you truly engender in your heart as a reality you wish to promote into manifestation is what will occur. The art, if you will, is of having an intent delivered into the creative ethers, which is without ambivalence. You see, human beings spend much time second-guessing what they want. This may come as a surprise to you and others, but we in Spirit are keenly aware of the “not quite committed” nature of many requests and wishes. Even those seeking the assistance of Spirit and asking for our guidance often are uncertain, unclear or simply ambivalent about that which they request.

We in Spirit read between the lines, we see the holes, even though they many be mere pin pricks. Now of course, we are not the ones who grant you your realities – that is not our purpose or domain, but we can detect what diminishes your ability to manifest. You see most of us have been on the Planet Earth, physically embodied. But now, we are in Spirit, where all aspects of our personal existence are brought into our experience through thought.

Now on your plane, it is the same, however, your experience also contains the 3rd dimensional quality of form. Thought begets form on Planet Earth, and always has. My, but the agreed upon human perspective is far from acknowledging this!

So, the short answer is shape your intention into a heartfelt desire. Send the visualized concrete outcome out into the Universe, knowing its existence to be real. Then let go. It shall be yours.

Until your dreamed outcome is truly the one you ordain to come true – you are that sure – it will not be so. So develop your intentions wisely and thoroughly and set your will in motion. Thus, it shall be so.

~ Diarra through Sarah McCroskey


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