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Male ~ Female Energy

Posted on: May 2, 2013

~ by Elios, as channeled through Sarah McCroskey

Question: What is to be said about masculine and feminine energy on the Earth, and the relationship between male and female?

Male and female energy on Planet Earth has been at odds for many, many years, perhaps millennia. Why? As you know, polarity is fundamental to the 3-D plan where survival is the foundation.

So what has existed is a categorizing, a simplifying of male and female energies. Human beings have become lazy in analyzing what truly is and have instead missed the nuance of masculine and feminine. For just because one has the genitalia of a man or of a woman has little to do with their male or female energetic or influence on the planet or the souls surrounding them. There are untold examples of men with a shimmering female aura and influence and women with a male impact. Each human being is, in fact, a composite of both male and female.

Because of this, current thinking often misses the point. Women and men often think of themselves as right in their respective positions of male/female approach, male/female problem solving, male/female destruction of the planet, etc.

The problem is not one of men “performing badly” in their relationship with others and the Earth, while women just “have no power” to alter the direction in which men are driving. This is nonsense and in fact, false cause, which ultimately leaves everyone not only powerless, but off the hook.

The dilemma is born of an imbalance between male and female on the planet, yes, but you see, men and women both contribute to this lopsidedness. If you scorn your male partner as a woman you do no more than drive their male and female aspects underground with YOUR male, conflict based approach and point of view.

The ultimate problem that locks in the duality and combativeness between the feminine and masculine is its foundation in the survival based, 3-D realm. Without an honoring of the sacred male and sacred female of the 4th dimension (and interestingly, chakra), of heart based reality, nothing but an alternating domination by one mentality or the other (male or female, patriarchy/matriarchy) is available. The conflict has to do more with the foundation from which one lives than the distinctions between male and female, men and women.

And the 4th dimension is only the beginning of what can truly be, that is, the power and the ultimate enhancement for both of the sacred male/female combined essences.

Therefore, resolution of the male/female polarity and mutual disempowerment really is the fundamental opportunity. For in resolving this duality, which can also be described as mankind v. Earth, the fundamental problems facing Earth existence will also shift.

What to do on the 3rd dimension? Work on your relationship? Go to counseling? Seek out male or female support groups? Return to fundamental(ist) sex based roles? Rageagainst the Patriarchy? These options provide a lot of activity, however, no results, and ultimately further suffering and misunderstanding.

The solution does not exist on the plane of the survival based world. In this realm the construct is fear, duality and conflict between the poles.

Unlocking from the 3rd dimension, which happens to coincide with the 3rd chakra or power based, and harnessing ones thoughts, actions and requests for guidance to the 4th or heart and soul based level of consciousness shifts consciousness itself. In a 4th dimension or heart chakra (4th chakra) realm, the Higher Self animates the ethers – and male and female are a pleasant and inspiring distinction to draw upon.

Question: What about the sniping and almost disdain between the sexes, especially partners?

Well there has been a long history between males and females on planet Earth. There have been times in the past when “the sexes” as you say, actually occupied separate worlds of existence, cultures apart from one another. Now there has always been the need for contact between male and female human beings in order to propagate offspring, but there have been periods, some very long periods, where sexual contact for propagation was about the extent of it.

Men lived in tribes focused on male activity, outward, physical, externally based. Hunting, crafting objects and dwellings, exploring, competing physically as well as rites of passage trecks and ceremonies, rhythmic music making and the passing down of wisdom, verbally, as lore.

Similarly, women lived in temple dwellings, more elaborate and refined, as was their preference. Women pursued healing arts, built and crafted, bathed, refined herb and medicinal plant use, made food and worshipped. After male children reached 6 months of age, they departed to live in the male camp to be trained and developed accordingly. Girl children stayed with the women.

The men primarily worshipped animal totems and developed a great respect for male elders, shaman and Spirits.

Women worshipped Goddess, the Moon, fertility and the seasonal sequences of Mother Earth.

There was a certain appreciation between these distinct tribes. Couplings for offspring were arranged amongst those assigned the task of matching for procreation. Couplings were adventures enjoyed and anticipated, and some matched couples chose to live independently from the male/female camps, for that was also acceptable.

But out of these long years of relative isolation, prejudices and blind spots did develop. Animosities, in the vacuum of little daily contact, could develop into ascribed characteristics, or what you would now refer to as “stereotypes”.

Each group had its time of reign. For many long years, Goddess worship and matriarchy reigned throughout many lands on the Earth. Unfortunately, women grew arrogant about their power(s) and “superiority”. We, of course, are still witnessing an era of patriarchy and male domination. This is coupled with a relationship with Spirit, if at all, as one that is once removed, experienced through the institution of religion, where designated “holy men” are the ones to communicate with God/Spirit, and then disseminate the wisdom to all else. This agreement has left much of the population without a personal relationship with Spirit, a failure to ask for Spirit’s wisdom directly – which has led to much of the limiting parameters of the 3rd dimensional reality, seemingly unsolvable problems and the like.

The sniping, you see, comes from age old allegations and belief structures that have been handed down as part of the unconscious patterning among human beings – “the collective unconscious”, if you will. How can it be shifted, you ask? By dreaming and breathing life into the rarified possibilities of sacred male and sacred female. Two sides of one hand, a double edged sword of sorts, the 3rd dimensional duality embodied, which in the 4th and higher dimensional realms achieves the level of soul meeting soul, in true recognition of twin-selves comprising a loving whole.

Elios through Sarah McCroskey 4/23/03


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