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Cycles of Remembering

Posted on: June 3, 2013

~ by Sarah McCroskey

It’s almost summertime once again! The season of heat, color, growth and vibrancy – full on. In harmony with nature, the plants and animals around us, we’re alive and invigorated, desiring more activity and a lighter fare, as we embrace the season of the sun in our dance on Mother Earth.

Having come through Spring we are completing the process of shaking off the slumber of our long winter’s journey, tending the insights just sprouting from the fertile internal cycle of long nights and a deep, in-breath of consciousness. By June, we’re readily planting those plumped-up seeds so they may take root, blossom and grow on ‘til the harvest.

Life’s all in the noticing. Where have I been? What am I opening to now? What do I love? What shall I foster? It’s worth it to take a moment to reflect. This way we align our genuine intentions with a potent Earth energy, capturing her momentum, in concert with her thoughtful planning.

For along with our plant and animal brethren, we too are precisely considered and are nurtured on our way – by the Earth and by the loving guidance of All That Is. We only need to Remember, to Be, and to consciously Intend. Then we take our place, powerfully and in balance, with a vast creative process.

When we honor and notice the ascending spiral of our own cycles and the cycles all around us, we allow our spirit to be coaxed, again, into it’s perfect spot, flawlessly aligned with the natural harmony of All else.

Love and blessings to you. Sarah


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