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The Fabled Egg Cleanse

Posted on: July 11, 2013

~ by Jai Cross


Jai Cross

One reason I enjoy travelling to Central and South America is the wide-ranging mind set of local populations, especially those with indigenous roots. Many of these cultures continue to view humans as energetic beings, deeply connected to the land and intimately involved in a community that includes both seen and the unseen members.

In these settings, when people are ill or out of balance, they visit the local shaman, curandera, or other traditional healer. Many ailments are diagnosed as symptoms of an underlying energetic disturbance, and great value is placed on maintaining a healthily functioning energy field. One of the most widespread practices utilized to remove unwanted energies is the egg cleanse. Luckily this ritual does not require the presence of a traditional healer or any special skill set to be effective. To my mind, it is best to have a trusted friend perform this ceremony for you, yet it is certainly possible to cleanse yourself with good results.

The fundamental belief underlying all energetic cleaning is that unwanted energies can become lodged in our physical bodies or the electro-magnetic field that surrounds our physical bodies. If that energy is an entity possessing consciousness, then a shamanic extraction may be appropriate. However most times, the stuck energy can be removed with simpler means, such as smudging, rattling, or an egg cleanse.

When we seek to energetically clean, we intend to consciously release tangled or toxic energies from our systems. Raw eggs are porous and are ideally suited to absorb energy, especially heavy or dark energy. Rubbing the egg against the skin provides a pathway for the “liberated” energy and hold it after it has migrated inside the shell. The ritual is most potent when these steps are followed in order:

1. Develop a visualization you can run during the ceremony to help you to remain focused (for example, bathing in sacred water, feeling the divine Light illuminate your body, or a holy fire burning away all impurities).

2. Create sacred space by grounding yourself and perhaps sanctifying the area by lighting a candle, smudging, sitting before an altar, or performing a similar ritual that works well for you. At this stage, I always smudge the egg and thank it for offering itself as a shamanic tool.

3. Invoke a friendly higher power (power animal, spirit guide, deity, element, etc.) to assist you during the ceremony.

4. Set a strong intent to dispel any energy that is stuck in your body or being that does not serve you, to discharge any vibration that works against your higher self.

5. The egg cleanse is most powerful when participants remain focused throughout. The recipient lies down, and the egg is kept in constant motion as it moves from one area of the body to another.

            a. If someone does the cleanse for you, have them vigorously rub your body with the egg while holding a high vibration. This is amplified if they pray aloud in a general way, such as “May this person be cleansed of any heavy energies that are afflicting them. May they be restored to their wholeness and a state of glowing health. May they experience the beauty and the wonder of their own essence. May they feel the joy of being fully balanced and aligned with their life purpose. May their inner Light shine forth, expressing itself in works of great beauty and love. May any blockages be removed so they can fully appreciate all the circumstances of their life,” etc. While the egg is being rubbed, focus on your visualization to deepen your experience.

            b. If you are rubbing the egg against your body without a helper, you can attend to the visualization, pray aloud, or switch back and forth between the two activities.  Do whatever best focuses your original intention.

6. Dispose of the egg by burying it or flushing it down the toilet after you crack the shell. This step is done respectfully. You are releasing energies that you could not use to your advantage, returning them so they can be used to serve life in a different manner.

7. Release the higher power that you called in to assist you. Blow out any special candle or complete any other action that was initiated to focus the energy. Exhale firmly three times to confirm the end of the ritual.

The egg cleanse is a very efficient energetic cleaning method. Yet if you persist with the same behaviors that caused the problem in the first place, you can expect that problem to return.


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