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This Friday ~ “Connective Communication with Yogi Ramadin and host Marja West

Posted on: July 31, 2013


Marja West

Please join us this Friday at 2 PM PST for Marja West’s broadcast on HumanSpirit Radio Network! Marja’s ongoing show is “Waking Gods & Goddesses ~ Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life.” Her new series within the show is entitled, “Facing the Darkness – The Totality of Human Experience.”

This episode: Connective Communication with Yogi Ramadin

Conscious communication is so vital to our daily lives—living and loving from an awakened place. It’s one thing to be clear enough to know what we want and need, and another thing to have these wants and needs met by being able to communicate clearly, directly, and in a way that invites dialogue and intimacy.

Yogi Ramadin is the creator of “Connective Communication” and coined the term, “Somatic Resonance.”  His book is near publication: and he’s also involved in the Mayan Message and peace outreach movement and movie, the Shift of the Ages:

Yogi Ramadin has been exploring fundamental universal truths since the age of 7, when life-changing events brought opportunity to find love and divine within. His lifelong practices include meditation, qi gong, and energy awareness as well as rock climbing, partner dance, slack lining, and being outdoors, especially in the woods.  After completing over 500 hours of Massage School from De Anza College, he went on to acquire his Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Yoga of Marin.  Ramadin is an attuned Reiki Master and has studied with advanced adepts in both Tantra Yoga and Taoism. Ramadin is Creator of “Connective Communication” and coined the term, “Somatic Resonance.” Ramadin has been producing workshops, facilitating community events and offering personal coaching in relationship and conflict resolution.

His book is near publication: and he’s also involved in the Mayan Message and peace outreach movement and movie, the Shift of the Ages:  They are about to launch an all new web site that focuses more on the current shifting events than the movie. The movie has been translated into several languages with more to come. Wandering Wolf is calling all the indigenous and non-indigenous like fingers in of the hand, one human family here on earth to stop toxification, stop war and stop exploitation of human beings. They are spreading the message and creating a unifying force toward supportive intentions based on wandering wolf’s request. It is not for release yet, but Ramadin has created a shift map where people can help and get involved all over the planet:


Yogi Ramadin

To listen to the call, dial (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST. Or visit


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