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What is My Purpose?

Posted on: September 2, 2013

An excerpt from Marja West’s upcoming book, F’d WIDE OPEN – The Heart-Based New Humanity Awakens © 2013

Marja West

Marja West

At some point in life you will ask yourSelf, “What is my purpose?” To me the answer is simple. Your purpose is to BE YOU. And in order to BE YOU, for real, you will be called on to examine your deepest fears and hurts; to let go of all of the “stuff” that makes you feel uncomfortable inside, and urges you to do the things you really don’t want to do.

This inner work is easier said than done. Rather than wade through the horrific wastelands of the past to make friends with it and the discomfort of change, most of us ignore the call because it’s easier to continue believing we are victims of life and its circumstances, helpless and incapable of creating the life we truly want to live.

Our deepest and darkest wounding is imbedded in our sexuality. This collective and individualized wounding violates and separates us into two polarized roles—Controller/Perpetrator and Victim. Many of us are trapped in endless cycles of sexual abuse in these opposites, while some play both sides, depending upon circumstance. The ongoing evil brutality and violence in sexuality shatters our innocence and purity, degrades us (Man, Woman and Child) into something less than human, let alone Divine. Yet, sexuality in its highest expression of Conscious Lovemaking is the vehicle through which we are ushered to the brink of egoic annihilation into Divine Union and Bliss on Earth. Healing our sexuality and restoring it into its original Divine Realm is the crux of the immense healing that is required of us to fully awaken.

Thankfully, each and every day more and more of us are waking up and taking the courageous plunge into the murky abyss of our automated human conditioning, risking everything we’ve ever known, to reclaim the depths of our Divine Nature as creators of reality. We allow enlightenment to illuminate our path of evolutionary growth, change, and expansion, inviting the Divine to live us. We are remembering who and what we are.

Copyright © 2013 Marja West


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