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TODAY! Sound Healing with Samantha Glenn, Dara Roberts, and your host Marja West

Posted on: September 6, 2013

Please join us TODAY, Friday, September 6, at 2-3 PM PST for Marja West’s broadcast on HumanSpirit Radio! 

As Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience we are constantly decoding wave-form information from our environment. This information is often distorted by false timeline realities imposed by the powers-that-wanna-be through the media, our emotional-mental triggers, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. The co-creation of dis-ease stems from ongoing exposure to these disharmonious frequencies. There are many healing modalities that address these issues.  Join us in a deep exploration of the healing benefits of sound, voice, and music with two very talented guests with two different approaches to sound healing—Samantha Glenn of Medicine Song Healings, and Acutonics Practitioner, Dara Roberts.

As a bonus, show hostess and classically trained pianist and violinist, Marja West, will also talk about the bizarre international shift from the natural music tone of A=432Hz that is mathematically consistent with the Universe to the imposed standard tuning of A=440Hz.


Samantha Glenn

Samantha (aka Karen) Glenn is an extremely gifted healer, and a new and upcoming leader. Samantha sees the need for healing and heart not only in the individual but in the community. Seeing that need, Samantha has been forming and designing many projects that have that end in mind. In her one-on-one sessions, be they healing sessions or guidance sessions, Samantha uses her strong intuition and connection with her Guides and Angels, as well as, a special group of spirits known as the Juda Ki to help her clients. Being a Juda Ki, herself, along with her connection and training from the spirits of the ancient Shamans, Medicine Men and Women, and other high level healers from around the globe that form the Juda Ki group, makes her a unique and powerful sound healer and mover of energy.  It also means that healing is taken to a deeper level and that the results tend to last much longer.

Samantha Glenn is also a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a Registered Karuna Reikiâ Master Teacher, a Spiritual Reader, and a Tarot Reader. She is constantly working to learn new techniques that she can use to better help her clients.


Dara Roberts_photo-2

Dara Roberts comes from a strong vocal improvisation background in jazz and world music as well as classical singing in her teenage years. She began composing her own music on piano at 10 yrs of age, and was also raised with a nightly tradition of mantra chant and meditation from her mother, which was the lifeline to her future love of finding solace and healing through the voice. It wasn’t until her mid-20s that she was led to use her intuitive awareness of energy work with her voice to attend to various friends in emotional crisis, helping them shift out of states of anger and depression almost instantaneously. In her late 20s she studied for 8 years with international performer and teacher of vocal improvisation, Rhiannon (also known for her work with SoVoSo, Voicestra and Bobby McFerrin). Dara performed in her own jazz duo/trio with Jerome Phillips for 3 years, and then went on to performing and tour internationally with Vernon Bush of VSoul for 2 years. She also performed with the a cappella group, Mirabai Ensemble, soon after. In her early 30s she became intrigued with a specific modality of sound healing called Acutonics in which tuning forks are applied on specific acupressure points along the energy pathways, or meridians, of the body. She became a licensed practitioner after 2+ years of training through West Coast Acutonics in Berkeley, CA.  She had the great honor of being invited to share her vocal toning and chant with a group of people in the healing arts who were visiting some of the most powerful ancient Mayan sites in the Yucatan peninsula. When she returned to the Bay Area her voice gained a much more potent medicine which she then incorporated into her work with Acutonics, and named this aspect of her work ‘medicinal chant’. Her work has been described as a ‘sonic massage,’ where specific frequencies help clear blockages in the body’s energy pathways alleviating stress, boosting energy and leaving a lasting sense of well being.

She currently performs her original compositions on piano, dancing between her richly soulful vocal presence and a realm of magic from the unseen realms. She leads Sound Journey workshops every other month in San Francisco and East Bay.

To listen to the call, dial (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST Today, Sept. 6. Or visit


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