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TODAY! “Exploring the Will Chakra” with Jai Cross on HumanSpirit Radio

Posted on: September 13, 2013

Please join us TODAY, Friday, September 13 from 2-3 PM PST for “Exploring the Chakras” with Jai Cross on HumanSpirit Radio Network! 

Jai Cross

In this month’s episode of Exploring the Chakras, we investigate the potency of the will chakra. Located in the solar plexus, this energetic center pulses with raw power. It is a realization hub where our innermost dreams are broadcast out into the world to co-create our reality. Yet if those seed dreams are contaminated by the heavy energies of guilt, resentment, or a sense of unworthiness, they can spawn a life fraught with nightmarish overtones. We will use an energetic practice to purify the will chakra so it can support us in living our highest potential, a state known as Heaven on Earth. In that sacred place, we are completely authentic and self-actualized.

About this series: Our physical anatomy is so obvious that we automatically respond to its cues – we eat when the stomach contorts uncomfortably, we head for shelter when our body over-heats, we slow our activities when the breath becomes shallow and rapid.

Our energetic anatomy also constantly sends us signals, yet these are often misunderstood and ignored. Therefore we may not relate our sudden fears of abandonment to a contraction in the root chakra or our seeming inability to empathize to clogged-up gunk in our heart chakra.

Our seven chakras form an interconnected series of internal energy centers, each with its own specific area of influence. We will learn about each chakra’s characteristics and how to meaningfully interact with them. We will do an array of practices to clean, balance, and energize these vital components of our energetic anatomy in order to enhance our well-being.

More about Jai Cross:

To listen to the show, call (646) 478-4429 at 2 PM PST today, September 13, or visit and join us online.


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