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Posted on: September 30, 2013

~ an excerpt from Marja West’s upcoming book F’d WIDE OPEN – The Heart-Based New Humanity Awakens © 2013

There will be an invitation.

It will not come tied in ribbons

nor a message streaming down

from the sky.

…In order to hear it,

you will need to

put down all your packages,

Stop everything you are doing

and stand very still

then wait…

until something stirs inside.

~ Dorothy Walters, A LANGUAGE YOU ONCE KNEW © 2008 Reprinted with permission.

Stop all that you are doing.

Stop running.

Marja West

Marja West

You are awake enough to be reading this, so pat yourSelf on the back. You are becoming more and more conscious about the endless, mindless “doing” that you do—the frantic running-away from what is. The wide extreme of the pendulum swing from your emotional-mental reactivity to all the stuff you don’t like is noticeable, and you want to let that swing come to a halt. You are becoming quiet and still; increasing aware of your breath, and the sound of your beating heart. You are face-to-face with yourSelf, your pain, your perpetual discontent, and erroneous concepts of what and who you are. You are connecting with your emptiness, longing, and loneliness. You are witnessing the many ways to distract yourSelf with shiny objects and entertaining habits—all designed to manipulate you, fuck with you, and keep you enmeshed in your mind, believing every thought without question—and then creating stories around them to justify freaking out with emotional-energetic intensity that just seems to come out sideways at the most inappropriate times. You want to check out, hide, and stay in your head—or at least leave your body temporarily and go to “that safe, happy place.” Yet, life and Love are directly experienced in your body, from the neck down—not in your head, out of your body, or vicariously through someone else’s life experiences.

This is the way of it. This is the way of life, of Love, of aligning yourself with your Divinity and finally finding yourSelf. You are what you have been seeking all along! It is your programmed mind that keeps telling you otherwise. It’s time to tell your programmed mind how it really is!

Copyright © 2013 Marja West


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