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2. Earliest condition of the Universe – in cosmology the unbounded space and formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the Universe – Encarta



Our canopy and canvas is the natural world.  There is no greater leader or truer guide. As She may shake our cages and caution us with her arctic breath, her dervish dancing funnel clouds return us to an ancient/future knowledge. We know Who rules this realm.

While our very human minds grow weary of ‘figuring this whole thing out’ our natural hearts stir as the voice of Springtime reminds us, “Simply harmonize…” with the Earth Goddess Mystery – a world that already works, thank you.  Look around!

So while we wring our hands and focus on our knee-jerk reactions, engaging our ‘fight, flight or freeze’ conditioning to our next, wholly-created problem, our only real task – our instinctual blessing – is to honor, find pleasure, to sink in and cooperate, with Earth and her natural communities – in beauty and, in fact, by the path of least resistance.

Here is my commitment this month:  I relinquish my shame around being human. I let go more. I choose to be less fixed and solid. I open to (not “try to know”) The Mystery. As engaged acceleration I am becoming more diffuse. As Love, I connect to you. Heart-to-heart, to every fellow human, to ALL the aliveness, to Infinite Singularity on every scale. And I get IN-STEP with Earth.

When you thread a needle, if you just keep going, you can pull an entire spool through. If you go back around, again and again, revisiting and re-energizing the past, what doesn’t or hasn’t worked, all forward motion is stalled.  We become knotted.

We are not the first species to have imperiled Earth. We are not that “most” important. Earth holds us as her Children, her kin.  Simply another species to restore to balance. 

Personally, and with all my heart, I’m singing backup.  Pitch-perfect, Earth’s got the lead.  
Enjoy the month.        

Love, Sarah

“Listen to those whispers, rising from within. Feel those healing whispers, merging with your soul. Connect to loving energy and let the healing flow. Allow yourself to grow and heal… trust your self to ‘know’.”  – Suzi Smith




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“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in....” - Leonard Cohen

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