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The Self-Illumination Exercise

Posted on: July 23, 2014

~By Jai Cross

Jai Cross

Jai Cross

Peruvian shamans divide human energy into two categories: hucha which is dark life-denying energy and sami which is buoyant life-supporting energy. These designations eliminate some of the judgment generated when we label our vibrations and actions as positive or negative. Of course, most of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are actually mixtures of both energies yet one type often predominates.

If we graphed the electromagnetic vibrations that we emit throughout a day, we would have a picture of how we energetically moved through that day. The line would be well in the sami range whenever we held our own space and followed the promptings of our authentic selves. Yet that graph line would plunge into the hucha range whenever we became upset, angry, anxious, or fearful. This kind of visual evidence would encourage us to be more conscious of our patterns of energetically contracting into hucha and expanding into sami.

The ability to feel deeply is a blessing, and we seek to fully honor and express our emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them. A worthy goal is express our true selves in every moment, no matter what circumstances we are passing through. This naturally raises our vibration, causing us to experience the lightness and aliveness of sami instead of the ponderous heaviness of hucha.

I want to share an energetic practice with you that helps me stay rooted in my heart and to be my best and my brightest while navigating through my day. I often perform this self-illumination exercise soon after rising in the morning to set an intention and a tone for the coming day. However, its benefits are available whenever we connect with the imagery and energy without faking it.

First bring yourself to a place of stillness and silence, perhaps by taking several full conscious breaths or doing a brief grounding. Release any cares or concerns that may be pulling at you. Grant yourself the time and space to become fully present, to simply be here in the fullness of the moment. Each of the three steps in this self-illumination exercise involve using the breath to access and amplify your own internal light, the light of your soul.

1. Position your awareness in the center of your chest, in the depths of the heart chakra. Perhaps you can immediately go there, and perhaps it will take a while to penetrate any outer armoring or tightness lodged in this sensitive area. So often we clench up in a vain effort to protect ourselves, yet we can loosen that tension to allow us to travel within. Move slowly and gently, softly melting any resistance instead of forcing your way in. My chest is roughly ten inches wide, but sometimes it feels like my attention travels through great distances like the Starship Enterprise to reach the center. So respect your circumstances while intending to make that pilgrimage to the innermost realm.

Once your attention accesses the center of your chest, imagine a small point of light emanating from it. This can take the form of a candle flame, a blazing sun, or any other light-filled image that feels real to you. Focus on that light on the inhale, and expand it to fill the entire chest on the exhale. Repeat this step until the light shining throughout your chest feels natural and comfortable.

2. Next focus your attention on your illuminated chest on the inhale, and expand that light to radiate through your whole body on the exhale. Be patient as you breathe fully and naturally, allowing the imagery and any accompanying sensations to unfold rather than trying to force them. Repeat this step until the light shining throughout the body feels natural and comfortable.

3. Then rest your awareness in your light-filled body on the inhale, and expand that illumination to fill your energy field on the exhale. Most people’s energetic fields rest at about eighteen inches above, below, to the right, to the left, in front, and in back of their physical body to form something of a bubble or cocoon. Repeat this step until the light shining in your energy field feels natural and comfortable.

I recommend that you practice these first three steps in the given sequence until they become anchored in your experience and can be easily performed without requiring a strong mental effort. Once the practice is embedded, it will start to unfold on its own, like a plant growing towards the light. If you then want to take it still further, you can inhale while attending to your illuminated physical body and exhale as you send the light outward to fill the room you are in or even projecting it out further as an energetic offering to the environment.

Regular performance of this practice will assist you in keeping your vibration in the sami section of that imaginary energetic graph. I have done this exercise hundreds of times since developing it, and now each step only takes three breaths for me to receive its full benefit. May your light shine brightly, blessing yourself and all those in your world.



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