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Time is an App

Posted on: February 24, 2015

Salvador Dali

The Eye of Surrealist Time Salvador Dali

“How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr. Seuss

According to Wikipedia, an “App” is an “application software” – “a program that causes a computer to perform useful tasks”.

What if TIME is an app rather than some existing structure of reality?

As an app, time is quite useful. It allows us to coordinate meetings and track important dates. It allows us to monitor and chart natural cycles like fertility, tides, seasonal changes and star progressions. It allows us to mathematically calculate speed, velocity and acceleration. Time is an agreed upon convention for tracking, monitoring, scheduling and coordinating, it IS NOT an actual force or structure of reality.

Unlike gravity or osmosis, time did not pre-exist nor is it inherent to life on Earth. We made it up for our convenience, just like Open Table or PayPal. Time is an app.

Rather than treating time as a convenience, we’re often dominated by time. We act as if 60 minutes really means something, we’ve got to “beat the clock”, fit everything in, rush. When did we turn a convention for coordination into a free-standing structure that HOLDS POWER OVER US?

Remember when you mastered the ability to read time? At what point did that morph into time as your master?

No other species on Earth runs on clock time. All other organisms live within natural cycles of day/night, seasons, even astronomic and astrologic rhythms. They are not slaves to these cycles, rather they monitor and live in accord with them – gathering nuts in Autumn, mating and flowering in Spring and so on. They don’t push to grow up, nor fear and resist growing older. “Aging” like some inevitable downward spiral is yet another way we humans believe in a struggle with time.

So how did we come to be AT THE AFFECT of our own creation – time?

At some point we, as “modern humans”,  handed our experience of time over to an outside authority – bedtime, the tardy bell, deadlines, employers – the alarm clock itself. We learned we needed to “be on time”, “meet the deadline”, and “punch the clock” or else. We entered that agreement.

The beauty is, we can always change our agreements and the meaning we assign to things. We can shift the context of how we hold things – which changes everything.

So I invite you to experiment with a new context, play with your perception of time and by all means call back your authority in the matter. When you shift time from “a given structure of reality” to simply one way to track and coordinate, i.e. “a free app for your convenience”, how does the quality of your experience change?

Please comment…I’d love to hear from you.

Sarah McCroskey ©2014

 Isn’t it about time we let a program simply be a program and set ourselves free?


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