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Your Fear or Mine? Personal Reflections on Vibrational Resonance

Posted on: November 29, 2015

Spoken word version: 

It was Saturday, November 14, 2015. pacificcoasthwy

I was quietly enjoying my last morning of a birthday retreat to Tomales Bay, CA with my husband when his cell phone rang. To our delight it was Philippe, our dear friend from France!

Within a few FaceTime moments we realized all was not well, as he told us of the attacks on Paris that had occurred just hours before. We were grateful to hear that his wife and nephew were safe and well, despite the fact that they had both been in Paris within hours of the violent outbreak.

Although I held my center as we heard the still sketchy information about what had actually occurred in Paris and around the world that day, I personally experienced the power of collective field phenomenon. May I explain further…

My husband, Steve and I were both vexed as we drove home, south to the Bay Area via the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway through Bolinas/Stinson Beach. This stretch of highway hugs the coastline with sheer cliffs dropping to the Pacific Ocean. Driving south, riding passenger, you are quite literally riding the edge, often with nary a guardrail between you and a potential, fiery departure from this Earth. Note to self: Henceforth, always be THE DRIVER, when heading south on Hwy. 1.

I was already white-knuckling-it as we proceeded along the cliffs. Rounding another hairpin turn, the traffic was stopped. As we approached, a large tow-truck with a winch over the side came into view. Whoever had driven over the edge – now in heaven or hospital – was evidently long gone. The crew was simply recovering the vehicle.

That did it. Over-the-cliff I went into full-on fight/flight/freeze FEAR reaction.

Understandable and under “normal” conditions through breathing, feeling, cradling and gathering myself, I probably could have “self righted” in a relatively short period of time. But no! The power of the fear was truly sweeping and I was pretty astonished at its intensity. It seemed out of proportion.

And it was.

As we wove our way into Mill Valley (thankfully back on flat land) I noticed that I was hurling ugly, defensive invectives toward the traffic and other drivers. It struck me as unwarranted and excessive, plus I was still in high anxiety. Then it occurred to me – what was happening. My personal fear from driving along the coast had dropped me into vibrational resonance with amplified, collective fear that was viscerally “all over the airwaves” from the recent Paris, Baghdad, Beirut events. This was a direct experience of vibrational entrainment – and I tell you, it kicked my ass.

Gratefully, I was able to feel and release my fear and disengage from the collective “cloud” within an hour or so, but this, for me was a firsthand wake-up-call to the power of collective fear, AND HOW IT CAN BE USED TO CREATE PANIC, DIVISIVENESS and FEAR OF “OTHER” if we should fail to claim our energetic sovereignty.

Once again I am reminded of the importance, no criticality, of doing my own work – ON  THE INSIDE. Only when I am tracking and attending to my own emotional responses, my own go-to beliefs, my own fear response, negative characterizations and knee-jerk reactions can I be healing and eventually…be free. Then and only then do I have a chance of stepping outside of my socialization, and stepping free of intended or unintended manipulation of my reptilian, survival response.

Yes, it is only when I own my bumpy, shadow-filled, partially conscious, ever-evolving actual nature, that I can become a fully conscious, heart-based citizen of the World.

Then we might truly have a chance at this thing called “A World that works for Everyone”, one centered within, rooted in an honest peace and reconciliation with our Being.

May we stand in our Love. Radiating THAT vibration along with the Earth – the resonance our souls came forth to proclaim, in this World and in this Field. Here…now.

Sarah McCroskey © 2015


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